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Innovations of Battle Arms Development

By Christopher R. Bartocci

Throughout the industry, many companies have come up offering “enhanced” components for the AR15/M16 family of weapons. One such company has experienced rapid popularity and growth is Battle Arms Development, Inc. or commonly referred to as BAD or Battle Arms. The company was officially launched on Independence Day, July 4th, 2009 as an online retail store. This 100% made American product company was founded by George Huang and Roger Wang. George has multiple patents either granted or pending. George’s background is really not what you would think of when you think about a firearms or firearms component designer. His degree in Architectural Engineering from Penn State University is not strange but the fact that he worked for twenty years on projects such as Disney’s Studio Paris, Disney’s California Adventure, LEGOLAND, Universal Studios Island of Adventure, Galaxy Casino Macau and Thunder Valley Casino is a bit odd in this industry. As it would be, George wound up designing lightweight carbines and other advanced small arms components because George was an avid firearms enthusiast. One particular pet peeve of George’s was not being able to find adequate firearms tools or components that suited his needs, so he went on to design his own. In 2013 George retired from the entertainment industry and went to work full time on BAD. He now spends full time designing the next level of AR components and other small arms products. One of George’s short term goals is to build a factory rifle with 95% of its components designed and manufactured by BAD, Inc. He is
well on his way.

The first product introduced by the newly formed Battle Arms Development Company was the BAD-T1 “The Armorer” multi-tool and gauge for the M14/M1A/M1 rifle. This multi tool is manufactured from 41L40 chrome-moly steel and brass and weighs .42 pounds. It actually fits in the storage compartment in the USGI M14 buttstock and commercial M1A rifles. This is truly a multi-tool which includes: trigger guard take down, .30 cal muzzle wear gauge, throat erosion gauge, M1 Garand throat erosion gauge, trigger...


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