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New Generation CZ P-07 & P-09

By David Pazdera

The research and development program of the ?eská zbrojovka Uherský Brod (CZ) company has added several alternate handguns to the classic CZ 75 series since the mid 1990’s. But none of them was launched into production. That situation changed after the arrival of a substantially simplified Omega trigger mechanism.

The breakthrough in Omega’s fate came in the winter of 2006, not long after the appointment of the new general manager of CZ, Ing. Lubomír Kova?ík, whose priorities focused on the earliest possible addition of a technologically more efficient and a “tender” SA/DA pistol (Tender means offering to larger bids and contracts). The Omega mechanism offers such potential. The development process was given a go and CZ’s designer Ing. Ivan Filko poignantly summarised the efforts as follows:

“We wrapped the trigger mechanism with a pistol.”

That was the birth of the CZ 75 P-07 Duty model. However, the only immediate thing this polymer compact has in common with the initial Seventy-Fives is the operating principle of the trigger mechanism, the inner slide guide and the disassembly procedure. The rest of the design is based on what can be called the contemporary standard for service pistols. The frame of the Duty is made of Zytel polymer, free of fibreglass (used by CZ since the time of the CZ 100 striker pistol), fitted with a standardised mounting rail with three traverse notches, a large trigger guard for reliable shooting with gloves and a funnel-shaped magazine grip entry.

The initial version of the Duty had the walls of the polymer frame with slight bulges at the front of the insert. It had no impact on the operation and safety but it looked awful, and the knurled surfaces on the sides of the frame above the trigger fortunately provided a stylish camouflage. This feature was proven very useful in practice – not only for reliable “resting” of the index finger of the shooting hand off the trigger but also for reinforcing the grasp of the gun when held by both hands, when this knurled spot serves as a rest for the thumb...


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