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Manufacturing History of Ingram-MAC Type Firearms

By Frank Iannamico

In 1964, while working at the Erquiaga Arms Company, Gordon Ingram fabricated a compact submachine gun he chronologically designated as his Model 10. The original Model 10 was 9mm, full-automatic only, and was included in Erquiaga’s October 1964 catalog. There were no orders for the weapons, and Ingram’s original prototype Model 10 was confiscated in a government raid. An improved Model 10, serial number 2, was built during July 1965.

Mr. Ingram had a brochure printed up describing his Model 10, listing its attributes and specifications. The brochure was mailed to domestic and foreign firearms manufacturers and governments. During this period, the United States and many foreign armies, had recently adopted the select-fire mid-range assault rifle that fulfilled the role of the submachine gun and battle rifle in one weapon. It seemed the era of the pistol caliber submachine gun as a military weapon, was over. No one was interested in Ingram’s submachine gun.

The Military Armament Corporation is Born

Mitch WerBell III of Powder Springs, Georgia served with the Office of Special Services (OSS), forerunner of the CIA, during World War II. During the 1950’s, WerBell decided to get into the clandestine weapons business. His specialty was sound suppressors. Mr. WerBell named his company Sionics; it was an organization that specialized in counterinsurgency equipment.

During 1969, Gordon Ingram met with Mitch WerBell to demonstrate his prototype Model 10 caliber .45 submachine gun. Duly impressed with Ingram’s M10 as the perfect covert weapon, WerBell struck a tentative deal with Ingram, whereby he would take several of his submachine guns to Vietnam, and demonstrate them along with his Sionics suppressors. No Sionics made suppressors had yet been designed for the Ingram Model 10. The .45 caliber suppressor taken to Vietnam had been designed and built by Gordon Ingram.

Despite all of the previous rejections of his Model 10 submachine gun by the firearms industry, the suppressed weapon was an immediate hit in Vietnam. WerBell immediately contacted the Sionics Company officials back in Georgia, instructing them to contact Gordon Ingram and begin negotiations for the rights to manufacture his Model...


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mac transferable in 1988 Not likely.

How could those particular items be considered TRANSFERABLE since thar was 1988 a full two years after the may of 1986 firearms owner Protection Act.

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