New Review: October 1999

By Chris A. Choat


If you have a Sten, semi-automatic or select-fire or even if you have some Sten parts kits, the STEN Recoil Buffer is a NEW accessory item that will benefit you and your gun! The Sten is already a fairly tame firearm by itself, but with the Recoil Buffer installed, the recoil will feel near to nothing! The shooter should notice at least a 60% reduction in felt recoil and less muzzle climb. It will add life to any Sten by stopping the metal-to-metal contact and wear from the rear of the bolt impacting the return spring housing/cap. The recoil buffer also reduces the noticeable action noise of the Sten. Installation is simple, especially for those already familiar with the disassembly of their Sten. Easy to follow illustrated instructions are included with each Sten Recoil Buffer. Retail price for the new buffer is $5.50 with a special introductory price of just $4.25 each with $3.50 shipping and handling per total order. Also, for a limited time buy 2 and get 1 FREE. For more information or to place an order contact Mark Holloway at 25th CTC (25th Century Today Concepts), Dept. SAR, Rt #1, Box 127C, Griffithville, AR 72060. Phone: 1-870-256-9989. Fax: 1-870-256-4580. E-mail: mjholowy@ipa.net.


The Strength-Lock Case is the first affordable protective handgun case designed specifically to store handguns safely without the use of numbered locks or other keyed entry devices. This case will absolutely minimize the possibility of a handgun being accessed by a child or any other unauthorized user, yet the Strength-Lock case still allows the handgun owner quick access whenever a need arises. The Strength-Lock case utilizes a simple but very effective secret locking mechanism. There are no keys to find or combinations to remember. Special instructions for the secret locking mechanism are easily mastered by the handgun owner and can then be destroyed. As an added deterrent, the technique to operate the locking mechanism requires the strength and manual dexterity of an adult. There are two versions of the locking mechanism. The Strength-Lock Lite is ideal for women handgun owners or for households with only small children. The original Strength-Lock Case is suitable for all other households. The Strength-Lock is the perfect carrying/storage case for handguns. It is strong, durable and stable and will hold handguns with barrel lengths up to 6 inches. This affordable case cushions and protects a handgun while helping to keep it out of a childs’ hands. No product can guarantee to be 100% childproof, but the Strength-Lock Case will significantly limit any child’s ability to access its contents. For more information contact Douglas Industries, L.L.C. Dept. SAR, 2850 East Prestwick Road, Warsaw, IN 46580. Phone: 1-219-269-4959. Fax: 1-219-267-2499.


Federal Arms is now selling an all U.S. made H&K 91/G3 style receiver. The receiver is super strong, super light weight and is made entirely of aluminum. Using the same technology as is used in the M-16 rifle receiver the Federal Arms H&K type receiver is precision machined from a solid block of aluminum. The new receiver is said to be 20% stronger than the original H&K receiver. It features a built-in scope rail milled right into the top of the receiver allowing the user to mount optics without the need of purchasing an additional, not to mention expensive scope mount. The receiver is also milled to acccept the original H&K rear sight so the shooter can have either open sights or the use of a scope. It has a pebble grain feel and is finished in a space-age black Teflon coating. The coating offers unrivaled lubricity as well as functional integrity. With the purchase of a readily available parts kit, the receiver allows an entire firearm to be assembled quickly and easily without the need for any welding. The receiver will only accept semi-auto parts as per B.A.T.F. guidelines. Now you can have the H&K style firearm that you thought was gone forever! For more information contact Federal Arms Corporation of America, Dept. SAR, 7928 University Avenue, Fridley, MN 55432. Phone: 1-612-780-8780.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V3N1 (October 1999)
and was posted online on December 25, 2015


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