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The BlasTech E-15 Imperial Stormtrooper Heavy Blaster Rifle

By Will Dabbs, MD
Photos by Sarah Dabbs

The venerable BlasTech E-11 Blaster was an undeniably tried and true weapon system. Striking a tactical balance between power and portability, the E-11 armed the Stormtrooper Legions throughout the Galactic Empire’s sphere of influence. Whether the area of operations be the jungles of Kashyyyk, the desert wastes of Tatooine, the frigid arctic plains of Hoth, Boarding/Search/Seizure missions aboard captured vessels, or in the vacuum of space itself, the E-11 has rendered yeoman’s service. However, as is the case with perhaps every weapon known save the Jedi Lightsaber, there is always room for improvement.

The popularity of the E-11 arose predominantly from its portability. At its heart a particle beam projector, the E-11 included an integral optical sighting array as well as an infinitely adjustable power setting. When used in areas of limited visibility and away from the image intensifiers built into the standard Stormtrooper armor, the optical sight of the E-11 allowed respectable visibility independent of illumination. The controls of the E-11 allowed instant fire selection ranging from stun settings selectable for the physiology of the target all the way up to full power bolts adequate to burn through up to 5cm of tempered iridium armor.

The BlasTech E-11 was itself a development of the warhorse DC-15 Blaster that saw widespread usage during the Clone Wars. The E-11 was purpose-designed to address the combat shortcomings intrinsic to this effective but bulky Infantry combat weapon. While operational DC-15’s still turn up from time to time in the hands of terrorists, criminals, warlords, and thugs, this antiquated weapon has been completely supplanted in the armament stores of the Legions.

While there are countless veteran Stormtroopers now mustered out of the Legions who would no doubt take issue with the claim, the E-11 has always suffered from a few serious deficiencies. Among them, the E-11 had a limited range due to its abbreviated beam focusing array as well as spotty accuracy beyond CQB (Close Quarters Battle) distances. Any Stormtrooper who saw service on Hoth and had to face Rebel Irregulars armed with...


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