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American Built Arms Mod * X Chassis Stock + Trijicon’s AccuPower® Scope

By Chris A. Choat

The Remington 700 rifle has been around for more years than even this author can remember. If memory serves the rifle was introduced in the early 1960’s. Since then it has become the workhorse of bolt actions. The rifle is available in three different action sizes; the Short, Standard and the Long actions. These action sizes are related to the length of the cartridges that they fire. This author has owned one of the first Remington 700 SPS (Special Purpose Synthetic) tactical rifles ever since they were introduced. It is chambered in .308. It came with a very heavy H-S Precision stock and was marketed heavily to the military and law enforcement communities as the perfect sniper or counter sniper rifle. The rifle also features a heavy profile barrel. The barrel combined with the weight of the stock makes for a rifle that the user sure doesn’t want to pack around all day. The rifles’ weight did make it a very pleasant rifle to shoot, one that wouldn’t beat you up even firing several boxes of ammo during a range session. The rifle has an internal 4-shot magazine with a swing-down floorplate. Later in the rifle’s evolution Remington came out with a model that featured a detachable magazine.

This author’s rifle was and still is one of the most accurate rifles I have ever owned. With a good optic installed it is very capable of 1 MOA with just about any brand of ammunition. Recently I was sent a couple of New Products that proved to make this decades old Remington an even more accurate rifle as well as adding tactical features to bring it up to today’s military or LE standards.

The first product is made by a veteran formed and veteran owned company called A*B (American Built) Arms. Their product is an aluminum chassis called the MOD*X Modular Rifle System and is designed and engineered for military, law enforcement and even hunting enthusiasts. The A*B Arms MOD*X Modular Rifle System is a lightweight, ergonomic, drop-in platform...


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