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The Lancer L30 HM (Heavy Metal) & New Product Releases

By Christopher R. Bartocci

Lancer Systems has grown rapidly in the industry. Starting as an unlikely small arms company, they worked with Diemaco/Colt Canada in the early 2000's on the Greene Tweed Project, a new translucent polymer magazine nicknamed the "green" magazine. After a minor hiccup in the development process of the magazine, the insert molded metal feed lips separated from the polymer magazine body when DEET (bug spray) was applied to the magazine causing crazing and cracking around the insert: this eventually lead to failed retention of the loaded ammunition. Colt Defense, who now owned Colt Canada dropped the program. Lancer knew they had a product they could sell and released the Lancer L5 magazine in 2007. This magazine was offered in smoke translucent color. As they got recognized they rose to become one of the most popular and durable magazines in the industry. This author has followed the development of the Lancer magazines quite closely from the original prototype magazines. This author has tested extensively all generations of the L5 magazine in 2011 with nothing other than excellent results. The L5 magazine is certainly a major step up from the standard GI aluminum magazines. To start with, the shot column is a constant curve shape. This is the natural shape in which the cartridges stack on top of each other unlike the GI magazine where you have a straight, unnatural shape on the top of the magazine and then it goes into a curve once the magazine extends beyond the bottom of the magazine well. This gives more constant and reliable feeding. Also the polymer material is more lubricious and causes less friction than the aluminum magazine. The texture of the magazine is a drastic improvement over the aluminum magazine. The trademark magazines are translucent allowing the shooter to visibly see how many rounds are in the magazine. This goes back to the concept of the original prototype magazine that Lancer worked on with Diemaco/Colt Canada. What separated the L5 from the normal polymer magazine was that they used a...


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