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Mossberg MVP LC: High Capacity Precision Bolt Action

By Todd Burgreen

Generally speaking, firearm manufactures focus production on specific categories of weapons. Examples of category labels consist of sporting arms (rifles/shotguns), handguns, competition, tactical and personal defense. This is often further sub-divided into handguns, rifles, and shotguns. This specialization allows for brand recognition and lends a degree of credibility to their wares with customers. Most firearms companies strive to be the single source for all of their customer’s needs within a certain product line. This is understandable as market sectors and customers are very often distinct in their needs. This ensures loyal repeat customers, which are the bedrock to steady sales performance as a company.

A manufacturer that is developing into a noteworthy force in the U.S. for multiple firearm categories i.e. ARs, shotguns, bolt action rifles is Mossberg. Some may be late arriving at this revelation; only being exposed to the familiar with Mossberg shotguns. Mossberg has established a solid place in the American gun psyche in terms of American-made quality and customer service. Many are having epiphanies due to recent introductions such as the MVP LC (Light Chassis) .308 bolt action rifle catching their eye. This rifle model indicates a continuing focus on product expansion at Mossberg.

Though originally named after its quarry, the Mossberg Varmint Predator (MVP) rifle line of rifles has now expanded rapidly to include both hunting and tactical models with many that are equally at home in the field or on the range. The MVP LC rifle expands on earlier Mossberg MVP series rifles such as the Varmint, Patrol, Scout, and LR (Long Range) with its closest cousins being the Mossberg Patrol and LR rifles. The Mossberg MVP Patrol and now the LC is often overlooked when tactical rifles are discussed. The MVP Patrol is the center of Mossberg’s law enforcement series. It is available from the factory in various calibers with many notable features including different stock types, recessed target crown, Picatinny rail over receiver, and Mossberg’s industry leading LBA (Lightning Bolt Action) adjustable trigger. One thing that sets apart the MVP Patrol series of rifles, including...


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