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The Walther CCP: Addressing the Timeless Quandary of Big Bullets in Little Guns

By Will Dabbs MD
Photos by Sarah Dabbs

What would happen if you took the chassis from a lightweight, polymer-framed Walther P22, arguably the most popular .22 pistol in the country, and re-chambered it as a direct blowback 9mm? Dislocated fingers? Broken bones? The resulting gun might even eventually explode. Who knows, the local Orthopedist might finally get his boat paid off.

Well what if you took the gas piston from a Kalashnikov or FN FAL, miniaturized it, flipped it around backwards, and then pinned it to the front of the slide? Now you have a 9mm P22 that fits the human hand just about perfectly, launches serious bullets, shoots sweet, and in a pinch rides in the front pocket of a pair of jeans. In short, it is a truly revolutionary concealed carry pistol.

Carl Walther was a firearms luminary. His PP and PPK introduced the world to the single action/double action trigger system used in most of the world’s autoloading handguns in the pre-Glock era. These ground breaking pocket pistols came of age in the 1930’s and melded the concealability of an autoloader with the safety and convenience of a double action revolver. The subsequent P38 was arguably the most advanced service pistol of World War II.

In the years since the Second World War, Walther has been a consistent innovator in modern firearms design. The Walther MPL and MPK submachine guns represented the state of the art in the immediate post-war years and their combat handguns in the modern era are as good as they get. While James Bond is not a real guy, his tastes in firearms are well-vetted. Whether it is a customized PPK/S or a tricked out suppressed P99, 007’s handguns always seem to have Walther engraved on the slide.

Raising the Bar

It has been my lot to see a fair number of gunshot wounds up close. While I have carried quite a few .380 handguns myself, the argument could be made that for serious social work nothing less than a 9mm firing heavy 147-grain bullets is...


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