Letters to SAR: August 1999

By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

There have been a number of offers to supply prizes for a raffle to raise both funds and awareness of what the 1934 Group is doing with the lawsuit to remove the CLEO signoff from the Forms 1, 4 and 5. While a larger raffle in the fall is being planned, these items were burning a hole in our webpage-products, so we are doing this one NOW!

The way this raffle will be run benefits you with the greatest odds and most shots at some very cool prizes. There is no weighting on which prize is worth more or less: After entrants names are put in the hat, an impartial judge will draw names until the prizes are gone. That means even if you buy only 1 ticket, you still have as many chances as there are prizes to win some gear.

Tickets are priced at:

1 entry - $30
2 entries - $50
3 entries - $100

Remember, even with one entry you’ve got six shots at winning something! Plus, as an interesting, Internet-based consolation prize, whomever buys the most tickets automatically gets something: $50 worth of e-gold, the new internet currency! If nothing else, we’d remind you that this is the best of causes: something that affects the NFA business directly.

Send in your postmarked by 21 August. Drawing will be held 31st of August. Send check, cash or money order to pay for tickets to:

1934 Group / CLEO Raffle
12701 NE 9th PL D-312
Bellevue, WA 98005

Thanks to the following companies for their fine products and generous donations:

Prizes are in no particular order:

Gemtech OUTBACK silencer
ARES Defense Systems “Companion” mini-maglite aow
D.H. Melton silenced 10/22
EBR (Engal Ballistic Research) subsonic .308 ammo - 1 case
Fabarms 14” Entry Shotgun donated by Special Weapons Services of Pennsylvania

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V2N11 (August 1999)
and was posted online on February 12, 2016


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