New Review: August 1999

By Chris A. Choat


JMB Distribution has just introduced their new 76/45 submachine gun. This is a totally new design, no parts will fit the older Stemple guns. The new 76/45 will be available in .45 acp caliber with .22 LR and 9mm conversions to be ready shortly. The new gun is full-auto only, fires from an open bolt and uses readily available grease gun magazines. A notch is cut into the receiver which allows the bolt to be locked open and act as a positive safety. The 76/45 will be available with a standard parkerized finish. A baked-on epoxy finish, in either gray or black, will be available as an option. Features include a side folding stock and ventilated barrel shroud. The new gun weighs 6.5 pounds and is 29.5 inches long with the stock extended. The barrel length is 7 inches. Rate of fire is advertised at 700 rpm. JMB Distribution also has .45 acp suppressors to fit the 76/45. These are wipe-less suppressors with a ported barrel. The shooter simply replaces the unsuppressed barrel with the suppressed barrel and he is ready to shoot. Suppressors can also be personalized. Suggested retail for the new 76/45 is $1495.00 with the optional epoxy finish at $50.00 extra. For more information contact; Jim Burgess at JMB Distribution, Dept. SAR, 4291 Valley Quail S, Westerville, OH 43081-3810. He can be reached by phone at 1-614-891-5784 or e-mail at jburg@mailbox.iwaynet.net.


Technical Marketing Associates, LLC., has just introduced a new device that allows safe unlimited dry-firing and safe storage of M-16’s, AR-15’s and other semi automatic rifles based on the M-16 design. The new device eliminates the risk of negligent or accidental discharges by positively preventing the hammer from impacting the firing pin. The device is a simple to use, one piece design that is merely dropped into the center hollow of the bolt carrier. It can be installed and removed in minutes, without the use of tools. CNC machined from Delrin, a self lubricating polymer, the new device protects the hammer as well as being almost indestructible. There are two models available; one for the M-16 and one for the semi-auto AR-15. It can be ordered in either black or high visibility orange. For the ultimate in safety and harmless dry firing, contact Technical Marketing Associates, LLC, Dept. SAR, 163 Hidden Lake, P.O. Box 829, Higganum, CT 06441. Phone & fax: 1-869-345-4751.


Not too long ago Sight-In Systems introduced their new On Target software. The new software helps shooters sight-in their rifles, calculate ballistics and do a host of other sight in calculations. They have now introduced On Target Version 2.0. This new version includes a long list of new and improved features. You can now choose to have all scope adjustment information to be displayed and printed in either “clicks” or moa (minute of angle). The new version also includes a new toolbar which is larger and easier to understand. You can get the value of On Target for shotgun slugs and sabots as well as hundreds of new cartridges from most manufacturers. Even the new .300 Ultra Mag is included. In version 2.0 your scope is associated with the rifle, you can select the barrel length of your rifle, select any standard scope resolution or define a custom resolution. You can generate a table that shows the hold-over clicks out to any range you select, based on your scope adjustments. The table can even be imported to most spread sheet applications (Lotus, Excel, etc.) for special formatting to be printed or evaluated. This feature is great for printing a small “sticker” to put on your buttstock! One other neat feature is that you can calibrate your scope to determine the precise MOA per click by entering data from range shooting. During scope calibration, your shot patterns are analyzed, and you are even informed if your scope is canted and in which direction. For more information on this great new software contact, Sight In Systems, Inc., Dept. SAR, 7529 Ravens Nest Ct., Columbus, OH 43235. Phone: 1-800-860-7439. Fax: 1-614-785-0366. On the web at www.sightin.com.


The Barnes X-Bullet has established an excellent reputation for deep penetration and controlled expansion with virtually 100% weight retention on big game animals around the world. The NEW Barnes XLC coated X-Bullet takes this reputation another step forward. The XLC Coated X-Bullet is coated with a special solid dry film lubricant which is sprayed on and then heat cured so the coating will not rub off on hands. The coating, which reduces bullet friction in the bore, minimizes copper fouling, reduces the rate at which heat builds up in the barrel and yields additional velocity. The Barnes XLC X-Bullet is precision formed from 1005 copper for deep penetration and nearly 100% weight retention after impact. Its four petal nose design and hollow point cavity promote rapid, uniform expansion on all game from antelope to elk. This is the ideal bullet for all conditions which call for a rapidly expanding, deep penetrating bullet that retains virtually 100% of its weight for greater energy transfer. The NEW Barnes XLC Coated X-Bullet will be available in Premium .30-06 Springfield 180 grain and .270 Winchester 130 grain loads. These new bullets offer greater big game versatility for these two world famous hunting cartridges. For more information contact Federal Cartridge Company, Dept. SAR, 900 Ehlen Drive, Anoka, MN 55303. Phone: 1-612-323-2300. Fax: 1-612-323-2506.


Butler Creek has recently introduced their new Target Competitor Stock and Barrel Combo for the Ruger 10/22 rifle. The new combo includes their new precision molded target stock as well as their new featherweight 17 inch Carbon Fiber barrel. The synthetic black stock features the lengthened trigger pull, double palm swells, raised diamond-cut checkering and smooth cheek piece that are standard on all Butler Creek 10/22 stocks. The Target Stock has a semi-Monte Carlo comb that provides comfortable scope alignment with a forearm that offers a longer balance point and fuller grip for improved off-hand or bench shooting. The new stock has a barrel channel that is cut for barrels with .920 diameter. These stocks also provide “drop-in” fitting for suppressed 10/22’s. New for 1999 the Target stocks include “Steel Bedding Post” that ensures consistent receiver/barrel to stock position. All stocks come standard with Uncle Mike’s QDr swivel studs and a recoil pad. The other part of the new combo is the Featherweight 17” Carbon Fiber Target .920 barrel. This engineering innovation combines a stainless steel muzzle and receiver with an advanced formulation of carbon fiber materials and an especially strong inner core to produce a light weight barrel that is a real Tack Driver! This barrel lets you shoot for hours without fatigue. The accuracy of this barrel has to be seen to be believed. The new target stock and barrel combo will convert your Ruger 10/22 into a Tack Driving Machine. For more information contact Butler Creek, Dept. SAR, 290 Arden Drive, Belgrade, MT 59714. Phone: 1-406-388-1356. Fax: 1-406-388-7204.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V2N11 (August 1999)
and was posted online on February 26, 2016


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