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GEMTECH’S MIST.22 SUPPRESSOR: The Ultimate in Quiet for Your Ruger 10/22

By Chris A. Choat

Gemtech has been building silencers (or more properly “suppressors”) for over two decades. They actually started business in 1993 and have become a name synonymous with high quality, extremely quiet suppressors. They started with just a few core models and have built their line up to over fifty models of rimfire and centerfire suppressors. This author owns several of their suppressors and I am very satisfied with all of them. They are well built, durable, easy to clean and most of all, very quiet.

When I recently had a chance to test one of their new models I jumped at the chance. The new suppressor is called the Gemtech Mist .22 and it is a complete barrel assembly with integral or built-in suppressor for the Ruger series of 10/22 rifles. The new barrel/suppressor will fit all models of the Ruger 10/22 as well as aftermarket models, which there seem to be several of. The barrel of the Mist is ported and just a little shorter than 9 inches long. The suppressor core is permanently attached to the barrel making it a full 16.25 inches overall for legality reasons. The core or baffles of the suppressor is what Gemtech calls the G-Core Monolithic Baffle Stack. The “stack” is actually not a stack at all but a 1-piece core that does not come apart. This is much better than loose baffles that tend to get put back together in the wrong direction or out of sequence. To clean the Mist you simply unscrew the outer tube exposing the internal core which can then be easily wiped or scraped clean. This, by the way, can be done with the receiver and barrel assembly still
mounted in the stock.

For testing the barrel was mounted to a standard Ruger 10/22. The existing rifle had the somewhat plain birch wood with the classic barrel band at the front of the forearm. With this setup the Mist suppressor would not fit into the inletted barrel channel of the stock as the original rifle had...


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