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ATN’s X-SIGHT HD: The Best of Both Worlds

By Chris A. Choat

Up until recently if you wanted to hunt varmints or bad guys at night you had to couple a daytime optic with a night vision device either mounted in front of or behind the day scope. Or you could go to your banker and take out a second mortgage on your home to purchase an actual day/night vision scope. That was if you could talk a night vision manufacturer into selling you one. Most of the shooters that I knew were doing the first option, using a regular daytime scope or red dot optic in conjunction with an NV optic such as a PVS-14 monocular mounted behind it or a PVS-22 Night Vision optic mounted in front of it. Either way one optic provided the night vision capability while the other optic provided the aiming point. With prices of PVS-14’s anywhere from $2500.00 to well over $4000.00 and the price of a PVS-22 starting at around $10,000.00 you can start to see the problem. Remember, that’s just the night vision. It’s not counting the optic with the aiming point. Not only that, there seemed to always be positioning problems like getting the proper distance between the two to get a good sight picture. There were also issues with different optics having different heights. Not to mention that an extra long rail had to be mounted to the host firearm to have enough Picatinny rail real estate to have room to mount everything. That’s not even figuring in the added weight. This author has an H&K G-3 battle rifle with a large magnification scope and a PVS-22 night optic mounted in front of it. It is a fantastic set-up but you need it mounted to a vehicle in order use it. Either that or get a gym membership so you can pump yourself enough to carry it around.

Today things are a lot simpler and prices have dropped tremendously. Night vision optics in general have gotten smaller and lighter and even somewhat less expensive.

ATN (American Technologies Network Corporation) has been making and...


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