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The DoubleStar STAR10B

By Christopher R. Bartocci

The AR-10, although thrown on the scrap heap by the U.S. Ordnance Corps in the late 1950’ and early 1960’s, has been resurrected and with a vengeance. Who would have known that in 2016 there would be dozens of companies making this rifle, and all with their own spin on it. Some of the rifles are basic copies of the same thing and a few companies have taken it a little farther. DoubleStar has been known for their 5.56mm and .300 Blackout rifles and now they have entered the 7.62x51mm/.308 Win market as well with the introduction of their STAR10B.

In 1978, Jack and Teresa Starnes started an AR-15 manufacturing company with a very simple plan; provide their customers with quality American made firearms parts and accessories and outstanding customer service. 38 years later, this same family continues to do just that. From a small house in Winchester, KY to a multi-million dollar facility, DoubleStar Corp continues to grow by leaps and bounds. DoubleStar started as J&T Distributing; stocking AR15 parts and accessories from all the major manufacturers, such as Knights Armament, Ergo, and the list goes on. J&T’s bread and butter was their quality barrels, lower parts kits, stocks, and of course the combination of those parts, the AR15 build-it-yourself kit. J&T kits were so popular, customers demanded a complete AR-15 rifle from the Starnes family. That is when DoubleStar was born. Teresa and son Jesse Starnes (two Starnes=DoubleStar) started the rifle company while Jack maintained the parts side of the business. In 2007, DoubleStar Corporation purchased California based Ace Limited and moved it to Kentucky. Adding Ace to the thousands of parts J&T Distributing already stocked not only added more quality, but also more options for great rifles using Ace stocks. With shelves full of the most popular and high quality parts and accessories, there isn’t much that DoubleStar can’t build for their customers.

DoubleStar offers a diverse line of AR-type rifles. They offer Short Barreled Rifles, pistols, as well as standard rifles in both 5.56mm and the popular 300 Blackout. They offer military grade...


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