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Martial Blade Concepts

By Patty Sweat

“Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) is an edged-weapon system specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s concerned citizen and armed professional. Based on Michael Janich’s extensive analysis of the Filipino martial arts and many other systems, MBC takes combat-proven tactics and adapts them to modern tools, threats, and legal concerns. The result is a practical, easy-to-learn system that is ideally suited to modern self-defense.” (

SAR was given the unique opportunity to not only attend a course, but to interview Michael Janich. He broke down the logic of MBC and emphasized the main difference between it and traditional martial arts knife systems - its focus on self-defense.

He explained that the roots of MBC can be found in the Filipino martial arts - a culture that was forced to establish defensive techniques due to several periods of occupation by invaders from Spain and Japan. The arts of Kali, Eskrima, and Arnis he explained, “are based on some of the most extensive research and practical application of edged weapons in history.” Unlike other cultures that used swords - such as Europe and Japan - the Filipino arts focused heavily on utilizing easily concealable knives. This technique was the best foundation for the use of today’s modern defensive knives, such as tactical folders.

Understanding the Logic

“MBC’s logic not only forms the core of the ‘why’ of what we do; it also forms the foundation of the system’s strength as a moral, ethical, and legally defensible approach to using a knife for personal defense.”

Understand the destructive power of your actual carry knife

First, understand that you’ll fight with the knife you carry. Knife laws vary from state to state, but for most, a legal, practical carry knife will be a lock-blade folder with a blade 3-4 inches in length. Historical tactics using a KA-BAR or a tanto with a 6-inch blade thrust into a torso could easily penetrate deep enough to inflict stopping power, however, the same thrust with a 3-inch blade – especially against an adrenalized attacker – may not have the same stopping effect.

Understand that “Stopping Power” is the goal of...


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