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SIG SAUER MPX: 21st Century piston driven SMG

By Todd Burgreen

Some would have you believe we have arrived at the end of the submachine gun (SMG) as a viable weapon class. They point to the SMG’s steady relegation to the sidelines in terms of use since the end of WWII. The first impetuous steps along this path occurred with the rise of the assault rifle, characterized by controllable select fire capability with its intermediary round compared to the full powered main battle rifles of the early 20th Century. The relatively recent appearance of Personal Defense Weapons (PDWs) would seem the final death knell of the SMG. The PDW is characterized by its compact size, much like an SMG, though centered around new cartridge designs facilitating the penetration of body armor out to several hundred yards. The PDW search was stimulated when NATO had images of body armored Spetsnaz troops running amok in rear echelon areas. The FN 5.7x28mm and H&K 4.6x30mm are some of the more prominent examples of these new cartridge types. Times and threats have changed breathing new life back into the SMG genre. While certainly not comparable to a rifle cartridge, a 115-147 grain 9MM instills more confidence than a PDW’s 23 grain .22 caliber bullet (or smaller) when having to put down an opponent in close quarters.

The SMG’s most prominent role, indeed its raison d’être stretching back to the WWI trenches, is as a CQB weapon. Ease of sound suppression is another important SMG advantage that has come to the forefront. The increase in terrorism, organized crime, and drug smuggling with the resultant militarization of law enforcement teams to deal with these well-armed opponents has created a new need for the SMG. The SIG SAUER MPX is poised to reassert SMG potency and viability.

SMGs have evolved since their early 20th Century introduction and are loosely categorized by generation labels tracking this progress. Most first and second generation submachine guns (MP18, Thompson, MP38/40, Grease Gun, Sten) fire from an open bolt with a differentiation by manufacturing methods setting the 1st and 2nd Generation apart. The Uzi is considered...


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