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Atlantic Firearms/Definitive Arms AKX-9 Pistol

By Chris A. Choat

When one thinks of the AK-47 rifle you automatically think of the 7.62 X 39 round that it fires. Some people classify any firearm with that prolific profile as an AK-47 regardless of caliber whether it’s 7.62 X 39, 5.45 X 39 or even 5.56x45mm. But when you see an AK-47 type gun with a 9mm magazine protruding from the mag well it causes everyone to take notice. This author had known that there was a 9mm version of the famous, or infamous as one might say, AK-47 for years. YouTube has quite a few videos of home builders making 9mm versions of the rifle with varying degrees of success. There actually have been several factory versions of 9mm AK’s produced over the years. These included the Bizon and Vityaz PP-19 submachine guns both made by Ishmash as well as the Molot Vepr 9mm. Ishmash is now also producing their Saiga AK 9mm carbine. This gun was specifically designed for sale to the US market but it doesn’t look like that will be happening now. The Bizon uses a 64-round drum magazine. It is a helical feed style magazine much like Calico uses in the Liberty line of pistols, rifles and submachine guns. The magazine is mounted underneath the barrel and also acts as a forearm. It comes with either a side or top folding stock but is only available with a short barrel. The Ishmash Vityaz has a more conventional look and uses polymer stick magazines. It has a side-folding stock and comes equipped with the standard Russian left side mounted, quick attach scope mount. As none of these weapons can now be imported into the US regardless of their configuration, if you want a copy of these elusive weapons you are now left with only two choices. You can build your own or do what this author thinks is the best and purchase one of the new AKX 9mm guns from Atlantic Firearms, that is being built by Definitive Arms.

The new AKX-9 is a collaboration between Atlantic Firearms LLC () and...


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