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Amnesty Time?

Editorial By Dan Shea

The clock’s ticking at the 30th Anniversary of the Machine Gun Ban & What would it mean to values...

19 May, 1986 - What a mess. What a sell-out. Absolutely unconstitutional, 100% against the Bill of Rights and Natural Law. That’s my opinion and that of many others.

However, it is the standing law in the US, upheld in the courts, and we have to deal with it. ATF has had the unfortunate task of trying to integrate this nonsensical law into regulatory action. No one is or was using registered machine guns in crimes. Everything was fine, there was no compelling reason to stop Americans from making new machine guns if they wanted. Although, 922.o was not nearly as inept as the stupid, silly, impotent and pointless “Assault Weapons Ban” of 1994, which was impossible to regulate due to the sheer stupidity of the basis of the law. However, the 1986 ban on further manufacture of machine guns for private ownership, the “Hughes Amendment,” “922.o” or whatever we want to call it, was a travesty. No matter how it happened, who did what when, Congress passed the act and President Reagan signed it into law. No amount of reverse word-parsing can un-ring that bell. We can only get Congress to get rid of it (unlikely at present) or have the Supreme Court nullify it (also unlikely at present).

In the first place, we need to have a common understanding about the history of these laws regarding NFA firearms. If you can’t understand the past, you can’t understand where you are, or where you may go. We fought against these laws for the entire time I have been in this community, and the newer people can’t understand what really happened from the pure bollocks in the rumor mill about what happened and when. Let’s start with the NFA 34- the National Firearms Act of 1934. It’s commonly referred to as an anti-gangster law, but, that’s just what was used to get control over the weapons in the popular media.

In those days, the Supreme Court had a tendency to actually...


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