Spare Parts Wallet for Bren .303 in. Machine Gun Mk. I

By Robert G. Segel

The venerable British Bren gun was developed from the Czech ZB 26 in the mid-1930s and began to see widespread service in 1938 as the primary squad light machine gun. Serving throughout World War II and beyond, it was used by all British and Commonwealth countries and manufactured in England, Canada and India.

A canvas spare parts wallet was issued with each gun containing a combination tool and small replacement parts and was carried by the firer (No. 1). The small canvas wallet has an adjustable canvas carrying strap for carrying over the shoulder. The wallet when folded is secured with two brass loops, each secured with a canvas strap. The wallet unfolds to reveal four pockets carrying the essentials to keep the gun in action.

The Bren Spare Parts Wallet contains the following:
Pocket (1-1)
Double Pull Through (1-2)
3 Flannelette Cleaning Patches (1-3)
Pocket (2-1)
Oil Can Mk. 3 with brush cap
Pocket (3-1)
Combination Tool (3-2) incorporating the following:
Copper Hammer (3-3)
Small Fork Screwdriver (3-4)
Large Fork Screwdriver (3-5)
Large Screwdriver (3-6)
Small Screwdriver (3-7)
Pocket (4-1)
MG Small Parts Box No. 4, Mk. I (4-2)
2 gauze screens (4-3)
Piston Post Spring (4-4)
Clearing Plug (4-5)
Firing Pin (4-6)
Firing Pin Spring (4-7)
Extractor (4-8)
Extractor Stay (4-9)
Extractor Stay Spring (4-10)
Reamer No. 1 (4-11)
Reamer No. 5 (4-12)
Reamer No. 6 (4-13)
Reamer No. 7 (4-14)
Reamer No. 8 (4-15)

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V20N5 (June 2016)
and was posted online on April 22, 2016


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