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By Chris A. Choat

With all the advertising hype that promotes the newest, smallest and lightest compact carry pistols made there are still concealed carry users who would rather have the stopping power of the .45acp. That along with the familiarity of the 1911 style gun means a lot of shooters still prefer a Government Model style gun for personal protection.

Metro Arms Corporation (MAC) has been producing their 1911 style pistol for several years now. Metro Arms Corporation is based in the Philippines and was established by former competitive shooter Hector Rodriguez. Their pistols are well built, precisely machined and hand fitted. Their finish also appears to be second to none. They design and build classic and competition style pistols using the latest in metallurgic technologies and production equipment resulting in world-class pistols. They are imported into the US by Eagle Imports. SAR was recently sent a couple of their newest models, the MAC 1911 Bobcut, for testing and this author has found what just might be his next carry pistol.

As stated, the guns sent for testing were their newest model called the Bobcut. This model was named primarily because of the bobbed grip of the pistol. The grip is cut diagonally at the bottom rear. The gun is the familiar 1911 single action but has a slightly shorter than normal 4.25 inch barrel. With the .75 inch shorter barrel and a frame that has been bobbed .25 inches it makes for a pistol that is a full 1 inch shorter than a standard 1911. The Bobcut is 6 ounces lighter that the full sized 1911. Weighing in at almost 35 ounces, the Bobcut is by no means a lightweight. With an all steel frame this gun is fairly heavy for a concealed carry gun. Still, there are a lot of shooters out there that want the heft, stopping power and reliability of the 1911 style pistol.

The Metro Arms Corporation Bobcut can be had in three different finishes. It comes in the standard blue finish as well as a hard chrome and a black chrome finish. The hard chrome...


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