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Truvelo CMS

By David Lake

Truvelo Manufacturing began in the 1960s in South Africa, manufacturing electronic devices. In 1994, the Truvelo Armoury branch was formed and entered into the manufacture of high-quality rifle barrels and bolt-action receivers. Their market share included both civilians and military and government agencies. As their processes and capabilities continued to improve and expand they unveiled a complete line of professional grade precision rifles. The selection of precision long-range rifles from Truvelo demonstrates supreme quality and performance. Truvelo has garnered our full attention by implementing robust design and a rare measure of practical thinking in the creation of their rifles... which are now available for sale in the United States.

The Truvelo Counter-Measure Sniper rifles (CMS) meet the demands of the professional marksman in the roles of anti-personnel and anti-materiel interdiction. These rifles are available in 6 calibers (though some are restricted); .308 (7.62 NATO), 338 Lapua Magnum, 50 BMG (12.7x99), 14.5x114 soviet, 20x82mm, and 20x110mm. Assuredly, almost any stationary target at an identifiable distance can be successfully engaged with one of these weapons. The 7.62 can be used to good effect on soft targets and unarmored combatants out to 800 yards. At the extreme, the 20x110 fires a 2000 grain projectile at 2800 fps and generates 35,000 ft/lb of energy on target. This rifle can be expected to hit and penetrate... and maybe destroy hardened and armored targets at 2500 yards. The 20mm projectile is large enough to carry a significant payload, which can offer “enhanced effect” on target- to include high-explosive, armor-piercing incendiary, and the indiscriminate crowd-pleaser, the SAPHEI (semi armor-piercing high explosive incendiary).

The rifles displayed herein represent the 3 smallest offerings- the 7.62, .338, and .50 BMG which are available on the retail market. We assume these will be the most commonly demanded, thus most commonly encountered by the armed professional and well-informed sportsman. At first encounter, the Truvelo rifles are intimidating. They’re heavy and thick. The lines and contours are abrupt and totally utilitarian. But at close inspection and in operation, we found these rifles to be refined- care and attention were given to the...


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