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Home on the Range: Matching Up Where to Shoot with How You Shoot

By Gordon Meehl

Very few are lucky enough to step out of the confines of our houses, into the back yard and immediately be able to execute our range day game plan with in steps of our living room (safely). For the rest of us, we have to pack up our range bags and schlep our stuff to a local range.

I may be showing my age, but “back in the day” the options for where to shoot and what type of range were pretty limited. One choice was to take a long drive beyond city limits to a plot of land owned by a buddy or someplace where someone would charge a few bucks to shoot into a wall of stacked hay bales. Some were lucky enough to find an indoor range, usually an older stone or concrete building close to the airport or an abandoned industrial section of town.

Fast forward more than a few years. Now we enjoy the more “mainstream” popularity of shooting sports, innovative safety technologies and well thought out business/marketing plans; the choices for shooting locales are ever increasing. Ranges are no longer fringe businesses that are few and far between but rather genuine clubs with amenities that rival and often exceed those found at their more worldly cousins, the driving range. With a concentrated effort for your patronage and membership dues, both indoor and outdoor ranges are getting more creative in the benefits and amenities with which they entice you to open your wallet and throw rocks down range in their place of business.

Do an internet search for ranges in your area and chance are you’ll be faced with a screen filled with choices. To weed your way through your options you need to do a little introspection. What are your shooting goals? What do you want to learn? What firearms are you shooting?

The answers to those questions will help you develop a checklist of needs and wants that will help you navigate the sea of range options you have.

Regardless of whatever country club...


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