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CZ-USA's Bren 805

By Chris A. Choat

At the January 2015 SHOT Show, CZ-USA introduced two new firearms to the US market. The first was their civilian, pistol version of the CZ Scorpion submachine gun called the Scorpion EVO 3 S1 pistol. This pistol, chambered in 9mm, looked just like the submachine gun version but of course had no stock and was not capable of full-auto fire. The new pistol was the talk of the Show with an advertised retail price of $849.00. This author covered that firearm in depth in an earlier issue of Small Arms Review (see SAR V19 No 6 ). The second firearm introduced was their Bren 805 S1 Pistol in 5.56/.223. This gun is also being brought into the US as a pistol. It is basically a pistol version of their Bren 805 A2 select-fire carbine. It too lacks the folding collapsible stock and select-fire components of its brother carbine. SAR recently received one of these pistols for testing and it may just be one of the best .223 pistols on the market today.

The Bren 805 pistol is a short stroke pistol driven gun that features a monolithic upper receiver/forearm with a top Picatinny rail running its full length. It has a detachable bottom rail and places on each side of the forearm for side mounted rails. The side mounted rails don’t come on the gun but are available as an option. The screws that hold the side rails on can also be used to remove the barrel. Yes, the gun has a relatively quick-change removable barrel but more on that later. The upper receiver also has a side-mounted charging handle that can be moved to either side as the shooter prefers, making it ambidextrous. The upper receiver’s top rail has a set of all metal ruggedly built sights. The front sight contains a standard AR style post, adjustable for elevation. The rear sight has a rotating drum that offers 4 different diopters for use at varying ranges. It is also adjustable for windage. Both sights are affixed to the top rail by Allen head clamping screws...


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