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Magazine Loading Tools for the Black Rifle For High Volume Shooters

By Christopher R. Bartocci

For your average shooter loading up 5 or 6 magazines is no big deal. If you have arthritis, well that is a whole other problem. What about the guy in the armory for a Police Department or military who is loading hundreds of magazines? Then this rather simple task
can be daunting.

Maglula is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Maglula (MAGazine Loaders and ULoader Accessories) was started in 2000 by Ran Tal and his son Guy. Sergeant Major Ran Tal is a former small arms instructor of the Israeli Defense Force and reserves. A traumatic event with a malfunctioning UZI magazine on the battlefield in 1956 Sinai Campaign was the driving force to get Ran interested in the reliability of magazines. During his time on the battlefield, Ran kept his 12 UZI magazines in socks to protect them from the sand, there were no plastic bags available to him back at that time. Ran was facing an enemy soldier when his UZI jammed; a fellow IDF soldier pushed Ran to the ground and eliminated the enemy soldier. Lessons learned from that incident by Ran involved purchasing a .22 caliber Beretta pistol as a back-up weapon if his primary weapon was ever to jam again and he decided to seriously maintain cleaner magazines from then on. Later, Ran’s own son Nadav serving in the IDF experienced similar magazine failures with M16 magazines. Ran vowed to himself that if no one cares or takes care of the hardship of cleaning magazines, then he would volunteer to do it himself for the IDF soldiers. He did just that.

The first invention of Ran Tal was the LuLa. This deviced snapped over the top of the UZI magazine. There is a pivoting lever on top of the LuLa attached to a cam. When the lever is pulled downward the cam pushes down on the top cartridge allowing another to be dropped in place. The lever is reversed it pushes the new cartridge down allowing a cartridge to be dropped in the opposite...


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