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NDIA Armaments Forum 2016: “Shaping the Armament Enterprise to Meet Evolving Global Requirements”

Photo Report by Robert Bruce, Military Affairs Editor

“I’ve been in the defense industry for over thirty-six years and I know of no other conference offering attendees the opportunity to learn about a new technology on one day of the conference and test fire it one or two days later.” – Brian Berger, Chairman of the NDIA Small Arms Committee

This annual event is akin to a three ring circus, offering an information-packed agenda with presentations directly supporting the Armaments Division’s three committees: Small Arms; Guns, Ammunition, Rockets & Missiles; and Unconventional Emerging Technology Armament Systems.

Brian Berger, President of Wilcox Industries Corp, and bringing long experience at the helm of the Small Arms Committee, gave us his perspective on the annual gathering.

“The NDIA Armaments Division Forum provides a unique opportunity for Industry and Government personnel to meet once a year, over a three-day period,” he explained, “to learn from technical papers, attend tutorials, view short ‘poster presentations,’ and network with influential figures to exchange information on armament systems.”

Distance learning option

With nearly 120 agenda items including scholarly technical papers, historical perspectives, sobering assessments of harsh battlefield realities now and in the near future, panel discussions and more, doing justice to this firepower feast requires much more space than is available here.

Fortunately for all interested parties, NDIA has a generous policy of free access online to unclassified presentations. Actual briefing slides shown in unclassified presentations are posted online by DTIC (Defense Technical Information Center) for public access at

Or, go to NDIA’s main page, click the RESOURCES tab, then Online Proceedings from the left menu.

While you’re there, take time to note the wealth of information on a myriad of other NDIA events available by date and title, an invaluable resource for the widest variety of interested parties – friend and foe alike...

Briefings big and small

Here are a few highlights to whet your appetite for online study or a resolution to be there in person at the 2017 Forum.

While the main event kicked off on Tuesday, April 26th, Monday’s early registrants were rewarded...


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