Net News: February 1999

By Jeff W. Zimba

We have a few new and exciting things in progress that I think you just may be interested in. First and foremost, SAR has a new Web-site. Our last one got a little stale, mainly due to inattention and lack of time and this has now been rectified. Actually that is a fancy way to tell you that one day Dan said to me “Jeff, do you know how to build and maintain a web-site?” Without any necessity to think about it at all, I quickly answered him with a “Hell no.” He thought about it for a second and followed up with something like “Isn’t it about time to learn?” And here we are.

Anyway, our new site is on-line and being updated on a regular basis. It’s main purpose is to provide information about the magazine, and the firearms we cover. It should be a good reference source for you to utilize at your convenience. On the new site, we have included a complete listing of all our back issues. There is a photo of each cover, and when you click on one, you will see the table of contents for that issue. Something else many of you may find useful is a complete index of every article in Volume 1. This should assist you in locating information on particular firearms, or on articles written by a particular author.

For your convenience, we will provide a listing on our new web-site of retail locations where the Small Arms Review is available. This information is being posted only after receiving written permission from our venders and we will update it every month. We have included some advertising information, a full list of contacts, and a page for the other publications available from Moose Lake Publishing. We have included a page of some interesting links, and would welcome requests to add others. If you have any comments or ideas for our site, please feel free to e-mail me at Production@wtvl.net, or write to my attention at the office.

The thought of hosting a “Chat Area” and “Bulletin Board” came up and was squashed in about 2 minutes. There were two immediate reasons we made this decision. Number one is that I don’t have the time to provide our site the constant attention necessary to maintain and moderate areas of that nature. The second reason is that Tom Bowers is doing such an awesome job with his site we have decided it would be counter productive to start another. I spoke with Tom about throwing our support behind his effort since he provides such an important service to our community and we were met with open arms. (That is just a matter of speech. Big, hairy machine gunners don’t often actually hug!) If you have not been to his board, you are really missing quite a good resource. He has areas to buy and sell related items, and chat areas. He also has quite an impressive collection of Mac parts he sells. He does a great job moderating the board and doesn’t put up with any B.S. for very long. Check it out. It can be reached at http://www.subguns.com. As a special feature, in an upcoming issue we will be publishing an interview with Mr. Bowers.

While on the computer subject, another computer related item has crossed my desk recently. While not really Internet related, I certainly think it is of interest to all. The first is a collection of gun related “Wallpaper” for your computer Desktop. Arizona Corporate Productions has compiled a CD-ROM assortment of over 40 images that range from machine guns to antique firearms. The CD is packaged very professionally, the software is very user friendly, and their instructions are easy to follow. The CD retails for $19.95 and are currently available through Brownells and Dillon Precision. Quantity dealer discounts are available by contacting Arizona Corporate Productions. System requirements are 16MB of RAM, and Windows 95 or newer operating system.

Arizona Corporate Productions (ACP)
9393 North 90th Street
Suite 102-169
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Phone: (602)-391-1191
Fax: (602)391-3303
Email: AZCorpPro@worldnet.att.net

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V2N5 (February 1999)
and was posted online on August 12, 2016


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