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Freedom Ordnance FM-9 9mm Belt-Fed Submachine Gun

By Chris A. Choat

If you are a long time gun enthusiast, as this author is, you have probably owned a virtual gamut of various types and calibers of firearms. I started out owning a .22 rifle, followed by bolt-action centerfire rifles, progressing through all sorts of semi-auto handguns and rifles, then moving on into the Class III realm of submachine guns and heavy machine guns. It seems like the pinnacle of firearms ownership is a full-auto firearm and then on past that is a belt-fed full-auto. In years past if you owned a select-fire weapon whether it be magazine or belt-fed, if you could afford the gun, the price of ammunition needed to feed it should be no problem. At today’s ammunition prices feeding “the beast” is a very expensive proposition. This has made owning a belt-fed gun (either semi or select-fire) out of the range of most shooters. Things have now changed dramatically with the introduction of a new accessory for the AR-15/M-16 series of weapons called the FM-9 from Freedom Ordnance.

The FM-9 is a complete upper receiver unit that drops right onto either a semi-auto AR-15 or a select-fire M-16 series rifle lower receiver. The unit comes complete with everything you need to change either one of these guns into a belt-fed!! It also allows the shooter to be able to actually go out and shoot it regularly without breaking the bank because this new unit is chambered in 9mm! That’s right. It is a drop-in, no gunsmithing unit that allows your mil-spec AR or M-16 to fire disintegrating metal-linked 9x19mm ammunition. With some 9mm ammunition priced at or slightly below the $200.00 per 1000 round price, this is a unit that you can afford to go have fun with. Not only that, the entire unit sells for about the price of a high quality AR style gun. More on that later.

The Freedom Ordnance FM-9 started life as an idea, a 3-D printer and a Tormach CNC Milling machine. Within a few months the designers had some handmade links and the first...


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