By David Lake

This may be the first piece of armor that every man can put to good use. We all don’t find ourselves in the path of incoming gunfire or breaching buildings in search of terrorists or hostage-takers, but may indeed find ourselves putting our bodies at imminent risk of damage, or at least discomfort. Motorsports, team sports, or some careers may ask that we take a bump here or there. Imagine the level of protection that comes from a “cup” made of ballistic material- capable of stopping a bullet. Yes, NUTSHELLZ makes a bulletproof cup. They were initially developed for the armed professional (police, SWAT), but have also found favor with athletes and soldiers. The NUTSHELLZ cup is more pliable and ergonomic than the typical unit found in a sporting goods store. This cup features a ventilated rubber rim. An added benefit to donning the NUTSHELLZ is the tremendous confidence that comes from knowing that your important bits have never been safer. This elevated confidence level has been shown to improve performance on the job and on the field by reducing an individual’s inhibition and restraint in a physically demanding scenario. NUTSHELLZ are available in level 1 (Kevlar) and level 2 (Spectra) ballistic protection. Injuries to the genital region of the body and complications thereof can be very severe, and the ill effects of injury can be life-long. NUTSHELLZ offers the best protection. And yes, live-fire demonstrations have been conducted on human test subjects. SAR does not recommend live fire testing of this product.

NUTSHELLZ. www.armorednutshellz.com

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V20N8 (October 2016)
and was posted online on August 19, 2016


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