Raffica: January 1999

By Dr. Ed Weitzman

MAC-Waffle Cook Off at Knob Creek

The second semi annual SAR/NFA list, MAC-waffle cook off at Knob Creek was an unprecedented success. The grand prize (dinner for two at Mark’s Feed Store) was hotly contested by no less than TWO entrants, in contrast to only one entry last spring. The two contestants could be seen early in the evening tuning up their MAC- waffle irons for the final cook off. A little digression here would be in order to enlighDr. Ed Weitzmanten the readers as to the origins of this, the “Creedmore” of the MAC-waffle competitions.

About a year or so ago, a thread was being bandied about the Internet regarding the public sale of unfinished MAC frame flats. There was a question raised as to the suitability of the use of MAC frame flats for anything other than making an illegal or an equally useless, post 86 MAC. One astute participant in the exchange pointed out that the MAC frame flats could, in the hands of a skilled Class 2, be transformed into a perfectly legal MAC waffle iron, thereby making their sale perfectly legitimate. At that point in the discussion the eminently distinguished editor of SAR and world renowned waffle connoisseur, Dan Shea, spoke up and offered a prize to the person creating the best MAC waffle at our traditional KC computer geek Bar-B-Que.

At the spring cook off, Mark the Serbu unceremoniously snatched the coveted award out Dan’s hands. His lone entry was determined to be a real MAC waffle iron only after a rather pancake looking thing came out from between the frame flats. In deference to Mark, however, it must be noted that the thing did actually taste something like a waffle (with a slight Hoppes #9 aftertaste).

At the fall cook off, two magnificent MAC waffle irons were entered to compete for the coveted award. David Wigands entry was a MAC shaped waffle iron accompanied by a pre ban LCFD waffle iron. The other equally impressive entry by Jay Lottaguns was a massive quatro-waffle iron hinged together by MAC frame flats. After a suitable inspection by the contest officials, to ensure that actual MAC frame flats were used in the construction of the irons, both irons were preheated to the proper temperature on the grill, then a prepared waffle mix was poured into each MAC-waffle iron. Without any further coaching or assistance the contestants proceeded to the cook off. After what seemed like an eternity, Dave was the first to remove his entry from the grill, followed in about 2 minutes by Jay’s iron. Both MAC-waffle irons were opened to reveal (to everyone’s surprise) waffles. The waffles were then coaxed out of their grids and presented to the chief judge, Edward (doc) Weitzman. Who, at great personal risk, actually tasted the first entry. After rinsing out my mouth with some handy home brew, the second entry was tasted. Unable to decide on one entry over the other and their being only one prize, an alternate judge was called in. Jos. Faggiola, the world renowned Epicurean, after being made an offer he couldn’t refuse, agreed to cast the tie breaking vote. After tasting both MAC-waffles in turn, Joe proclaimed Dave Wigand the winner. The only visible flaw in Daves MAC-waffle was that the rear end of the MAC was broken off as it was removed from the iron (Serbu, did you have a hand in this?). However, cosmetics were not a factor in this contest, only taste counted.

Dan’s note: This obscure cult of machine gun geeks who simultaneously exist in cyberspace and IRL, very seldom physically meet. When they do, it is usually at one of the Class 3 world’s shoots. There are several of these groups...and most participate in Bar-B-Que’s similar to the above described NFAlister event. The gauntlet has been thrown down, that at the April Knob Creek Shoot, there will be an “open” class as well as the semi-annual MAC-waffle cookoff. This open class will allow other entries than the MAC flats, as in the talented individuals who create something out of these peculiar items, ie. Sten tubes, MAC flats, or any other “Unfinished dummy receivers” creating something of exquisite or at least interesting culinary design, will be eligible. Let your creative juices flow! SAR will bring more reporting from the cutting edge of small arms as it happens.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V2N4 (January 1999)
and was posted online on September 9, 2016


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