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The JP Enterprises GMR-13

By Christopher R. Bartocci

The 9mm AR carbine has gone through many improvements over the years. The original design was made by Colt’s engineer Henry Tatro in the late 1980’s. At the time this was in the model shop, Colt was going through bankruptcy and few resources were available in both financial and human resources to complete the project. The gun was introduced to the market and sold in both full auto LE/Military models as well as commercial semi-auto only variations. The submachine gun never really was exploited to its full potential. Heckler & Koch owned the subgun market with their MP5 series. Colt was more concerned with their new M4 carbine and they really did not want to compete anything with the sale of that. The Colt SMG/Carbine had its issues and it would be safe to say that Hanks prototype was never actually finished over these years. Not by Colt anyway.

JP Rifles is known throughout the industry for producing match grade AR-based rifles as well as many innovative accessories and updates for the AR-platform. These include their own versions of highly modified triggers, handguards, bolt, bolt carrier, recoil systems, heat sinks and upper and lower receivers to name a few. However John Paul really was famous for what he did with the 5.56mm and 7.62x51mm caliber rifles.

Owner John Paul owned a Rock River Arms 9mm carbine and he thought it was very fun to shoot. He decided he wanted build his own with the first priority being ditching the Colt-pattern magazine and using the more popular Glock 17 magazine. He felt he could do better in getting controllability in line with this blowback design as well as improving other facets of the gun with other innovative designs. He did just that and he took that carbine prototype to a Magpul Dynamics Advanced Carbine course and he was amazed with the results even out to 100 yards.

The rifle received by SAR had several interesting advanced features. It is not just another reproduction of the Colt design. Starting from the rear, the rifle was equipped with an Ark...


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