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First, There is Light

By Aaron Brudenell

If the first rule of a gunfight is to bring a gun, before it even comes to that... you should already have a light! It’s widely understood that dangerous encounters are more likely at night and indoors, both of which have a high potential for being low light situations. Even when significant ambient light is present, shadows and the positions of participants may necessitate the use of a personal light. From target/threat identification to avoiding physical hazards to movement, the utility of such a light shouldn’t be ignored.

Eliminating Excuses:

Unlike a knife or firearm, a light will serve the user well in multiple circumstances where a weapon is not needed and can be taken into secure areas without special permission. Furthermore, quality flashlights tend to be of modest cost by comparison to guns and knives or multi-tools. Like knives and guns, lights can be had in virtually limitless variations of size, power, and control options. For these reasons, one should never omit a personal light from their everyday carry.

Since carrying a weapon is a serious matter, so it follows, one should put a comparable level of consideration when choosing a companion light as well. The reader should consider that any time they feel the need to choose a particular piece of security equipment the need for a comparable level of utility in a portable light should already have been selected:


The main point of this article is that a serious gun carrier ought to insist on having a light with them at least as often as they are armed. Because adding a light imposes some burden of space, weight, and organization, the size of that choice often becomes the primary factor. Advice...


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