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Savage in the Mist

By Frank Iannamico

On a recent assignment for SAR magazine, I had the opportunity to spend a few days at Gemtech’s Research and Development Center located near Boise, Idaho, as a guest of co-founder Dr. Phil Dater.

During my visit, I had to chance to observe and shoot quite a few suppressor equipped firearms. The suppressors demonstrated were both production and prototype models; all regardless of caliber, were hearing safe.
One experimental model that impressed everyone in attendance was Gemtech’s .22 LR caliber integral Mist-22 suppressor, adapted to a Czech CZ 415 bolt action rifle. All that could be heard was the firing pin striking the cartridge, and the bullet hitting the target down range.

The Gemtech Mist suppressor was originally designed for one of the most popular .22 rimfire rifles in the country, the semiautomatic Ruger 10/22. The 10/22 has been in continuous production since 1964. Few rifles on the market today can boast of being in production for 52 years, with a reported 6-million sold. Since its introduction, the 10/22 has been offered in many different configurations and models. It was only natural to design and produce an integral suppressor for the Ruger. The Mist 22 was designed by Gemtech exclusively for a Lipsey’s, a large firearm wholesale firearms distributor in Louisiana.

The Gemtech Mist 22 is a complete barrel and suppressor assembly. The barrel portion of the Mist just under 9-inches in length, with a match grade 22 LR chamber and a 1 in 16 inches, right-hand twist. The suppressor core is permanently attached to the barrel, giving it a legal overall length of 16.25 inches. In place of conventional baffles, is Gemtech’s one-piece G-Core Monolithic Baffle.

As soon as I returned from my Gemtech trip, I ordered a Mist for my 1976 vintage Ruger 10/22, and I am very pleased with its quiet performance. However, as on any suppressed full-automatic or semiautomatic firearm, most of the noise heard is generated by the action cycling. On the 10/22 some of the noise can be reduced by replacing the steel bolt stop pin with a nylon Volquartsen Recoil Buffer.

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