New Review: September 1998

By Chris A. Choat


A new line of pistol ammo is now available from Century International. The high tech self defense rounds are loaded with the new “Sentry” bullet. These projectiles are based on a solid copper slug which is nickel plated to reduce barrel friction. The projectile looks like a wadcutter with a post in the center. A plastic cap is fitted on the tip of the slug to ensure reliable feeding in self-loading firearms. Because of the makeup of the slugs they offer no core-jacket separation in hard or soft targets, no ricochets when hitting hard objects like windshields even at sharp angles, virtually 100% weight retention in tissue and excellent expansion (.50” for 9mm). The ammo is currently available in .380 acp, 9mm, .38 Special, .357 Mag., .40 S&W, .45 acp and .44 Mag.. The new projectiles will not penetrate bullet-proof vests. For more information contact Century International Arms, Inc., Dept. SAR, 1161 Holland Drive, Boca Raton, FL 33487. Phone: 1-800-527-1252. Fax: 1-561-998-1993. You can also visit them on the web at www.centuryarms.com.


Knight’s Manufacturing has introduced a whole list of new products this year. Two of them will prove to be very exciting to readers of Small Arms Review. The first is their new Stoner SR-50 rifle. Shown at the 1998 Shot Show this huge rifle is a gas-operated, semi-auto rifle chambered in .50 BMG. The rifle is magazine fed, weighs 31 pounds and is 58.5” long. Offering outstanding accuracy at extreme ranges, this new rifle promises to be very popular with long range “heavy” shooters. The other new product is the long awaited Modular Weapons System for the H&K family of firearms. This new system, based on the Rail Interface allows for quick attachment of numerous accessories such as: reflex sights, lasers, sling swivels, bipods, flashlights and a vertical pistol grip with no modification of the firearm. The new system will be available in three sizes, Short; for the MP-5, H&K 94 and H&K 53, Medium; for the H&K 33, and 93, and Long for the H&K 91/G-3. For more information on these and other new innovative products contact; Knights Manufacturing Company, Dept. SAR, 7750 9th Street S.W., Vero Beach, FL 32968. Phone: 1-561-778-3700. Fax: 1-561-569-2955.


Scott Andrey Machine is now offering new manufacture parts for the Smith & Wesson 76 and the MK 760 submachine guns. Parts include bolts, barrels, recoil springs, recoil spring guides and tubes, and various other internal parts. The company is also offering magazines in various capacities. The magazines are converted from Tec-9, AP-9 or DC-9 magazines. They can also rebuild your original worn or loose fitting magazines. They additionally can blue or parkerize your magazines or parts. All their work is guaranteed and magazines are guaranteed to function properly. For more information or to place an order contact Scott Andrey Machine, Dept. SAR, 108 Beaufort Road, Fremont, NC 27830. Phone: 1-919-242-6334 evenings.


Savage owners all over the country have found salvation from a “less than desirable trigger pull”, through Sharp Shooters Supply new Competition Trigger for the 110 series of rifles. With an adjustment range of 2 lbs down to 12 ozs, the complaints will cease from varmint hunters, tactical users and competition shooters who desire a crisper, lighter trigger pull. Using three lever geometry, the trigger is designed to be a “drop-in” replacement, requiring no special tools. It is adjustable for; engagement, overtravel and pull weight. Best of all, it allows use of the factory safety. The Sharp Shooter Competition Trigger will fit the entire line of 110, 111, 112 and 116 series rifles, including the new short action models 10 and 12. Cost of the trigger is $89.95 post-paid, and is available directly from Sharp Shooters Supply, Dept. SAR, 4970 Lehman Road, Delphos, OH 45833. Phone: 1-419-695-3179.


DPMS Inc. is now offering a Titanium Nitride coating on the key wear parts for the AR-15 series rifles. Titanium Nitride coating is an extremely hard material with added lubricity. The Titanium Nitride coating will add additional longevity and wear to the parts that wear against each other (i.e., hammer to trigger, trigger to disconnector, bolt to barrel extension). The lubricity will allow the gun to operate more smoothly and will clean much easier. The Titanium coating is gold in color and accents nicely with the black rifle. For more information or to place an order contact, DPMS Inc., Dept. SAR, 13983 Industry Avenue, Becker, MN 55308. Phone: 1-612-261-5600. Fax: 1-612-261-5599. Or visit them on the net at www.dpmsinc.com.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V1N12 (September 1998)
and was posted online on January 13, 2017


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