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FN America, LLC, is pleased to announce the latest addition to the FN Military Collector Series—the semi-auto FN M249S™ Para or Paratrooper model, originally developed for airborne troops. Building on the company’s unique tradition of offering semi-automatic variants of the most popular military-designed firearms, the rifle will join the full-size FN M249S Standard and the FN 15™ Military Collector M4 and M16. The M249S Para is the fourth in their series of classic, semi-automatic FN military rifles, and like the Standard, the Para is authentic to the last possible detail. You’ll notice only two major differences between the semi- and full-auto versions—the barrel length and reconfigured internal components to change the rifle’s operation from open-bolt to closed-bolt. Authenticity was critical in this series, and they changed as little as possible. The rifle features a machine-gun-grade, 16.1-inch, cold hammer-forged barrel, closed-bolt for semi-automatic-only operation, classic M249 flip-up feed tray, integrated steel bipod, robust gas-piston system and the iconic telescoping and rotating buttstock, making it lighter and more compact. The rifles will be available in either black or Flat Dark Earth (FDE). The guns will accept either 30-round M-16 style magazines or 200-round plastic ammo boxes. For more information you can contact FN America at www.fnamerica.com.


Battle Rifle Company has announced its all-new 2017 BR4 Cutlass rifle. The Cutlass is based on Battle Rifle Company’s best-selling Spectre Rifle and is specifically designed for MARSEC (Maritime Security) operations and shipboard usage. The Cutlass is built with care to ensure long-lasting life in extreme conditions. Its extended rail and low-profile gas block allow for more accessories to be installed, making it well-suited for shipboard, coastal and all-weather operations. They built the Cutlass so that no direct ferrous, metal-to-metal contact is made throughout the entire rifle, ensuring corrosion-free operation, even after months at sea. This rifle is perfect for shipboard operations, both coastal and riverine. If you live or work on the water, this gun is perfect for you! Additionally, Battle Rifle Company is introducing a new color for 2017. The MARSEC rifles will be available in the all-new Battle Rifle Ocean Blue—a marine gray-blue which provides a great contrast for this special rifle. For more information on Battle Rifle Company, visit www.battleriflecompany.com.


Gemtech has just introduced its first new suppressors for 2017. The first is their new LUNAR-45. The Gemtech Lunar-45 is the culmination of decades of silencer innovation. They have created the lightest and quietest modular .45 suppressor available that is able to be taken apart and cleaned. The Lunar-45 is crafted from military-grade aluminum and titanium for the utmost in durability and strength. The modular suppressor is available in either a short length (6.9 inches) or a long length (8.5 inches), depending on the shooter’s needs. The short suppressor is said to have a 136 dB noise reduction, and the longer version has a 129 dB reduction. Gemtech offers a variety of mounting options for the Lunar-45 allowing it to be used with a variety of platforms and calibers. The new suppressor is also full-auto-rated.

The other new suppressor is their INTEGRA, which is an AR-15 integrally suppressed upper receiver. The new suppressed upper will be available in both 5.56 and 300 BLK. Gemtech has teamed up with NEMO Arms to create the smallest and easiest-to-maintain package the shooting world has ever seen. The INTEGRA utilizes Gemtech’s proven G-Core™ Technology that is removable, cleanable and replaceable while still bringing the best sound reduction of any similar-sized package. The NEMO Arms patented gas block eliminates blowback, making this upper more comfortable to shoot. The barrels of both units offer either 10- or 10.5-inch lengths with integrated lengths of 16.1 inches overall. Information on all of Gemtech’s suppressors can be found at www.gemtech.com.


Meopta is pleased to introduce its newest tactical riflescope—the 34-mm MeoTac® 3-12x50 RD.Designed for use on assault rifles, the MeoTac 3-12x50 RD is an excellent scope for medium-range engagement and is engineered to meet the needs of armed forces, security details and tactical shooters worldwide. This scope features MeoLux™, Meopta’s most advanced lens coating. MeoLux, combined with Schott glass and expert design, enables 99.8% light transmission per lens surface allowing users to see better and farther in the most challenging light. The solid 34-mm, aircraft-grade aluminum tube allows for expansive windage and elevation ranges of 55 MOA and 100 MOA respectively with click adjustments of 1/3 MOA. The illuminated MilDot 3 RD reticle, located in the first focal plane, enables use of the range-finding elements of the reticle on any power setting. The new MeoTac 3-12x50 RD also features precision tactical mil-mil turrets with a large grip, easily distinguishable positive clicks and a zero-stop function. The side-focus parallax adjustment ranges from 27 yards to infinity, and the integrated illumination control is also located on the side of the center of the scope, making adjustment in the field quick, easy and convenient. The RD illumination system features a highly defined illuminated red dot reticle with 16 reticle intensity settings for all light conditions and intermediate off positions between every setting. The auto-off function will switch the illumination off if unused for one hour. The MeoTac 3-12x50 RD features Meopta’s MeoShield protective lens coatings, MeoQuick fast-focus eyepiece and an erector system designed for maximum holding force to withstand heavy caliber recoil. This scope also has an anodized exterior for scratch resistance and is waterproof and fogproof for maximum performance and durability. The MeoTac 3-12x50 RD is covered by Meopta’s North American lifetime transferable warranty. Find out more at www.meoptausa.com.


Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc., is proud to announce the addition of the Ruger American Pistol® Compact in .45 Auto. This newest compact model is offered in the “PRO” configuration with no external manual safety. Originally introduced in December 2015, the feature-rich Ruger American Pistol was designed with the latest U.S. Military standards in mind and was tested in the harshest environments to ensure the rugged reliability consumers have come to expect from Ruger. Ruger polled law enforcement and military trainers throughout the country to select the form, function and features of the Ruger American Pistol. The resulting pistol combines a recoil-reducing barrel cam (which better spreads recoil over time) with a low-mass slide, low center of gravity and a low-bore axis to provide better balance, less felt recoil and less muzzle flip than comparable pistols. The Ruger American Pistol also features a pre-tensioned striker system, which allows for a short take-up trigger with positive reset, and a modular wrap-around grip system that adjusts palm swell and trigger reach to fit a wide range of hand sizes. With a 3.75-inch barrel, overall dimensions of 7.25 inches long, 4.65 inches high and a weight of 28.6 ounces, the Ruger American Pistol Compact model shares all of the features and rugged reliability of the duty-size gun in a smaller, lighter, more concealable package. It ships in a hard case with medium and large replaceable grip modules and two nickel-Teflon®-plated steel magazines (one 10-round extended magazine and one 7-round compact magazine). The American-made Ruger American Pistol is built on a rigid, one-piece, precision-machined, stainless steel chassis with integral frame rails and fire control housing. Additional features include genuine Novak® LoMountCarry three-dot sights, a stainless steel slide with a non-reflective, black nitride finish, a one-piece, high-performance, glass-filled nylon grip frame and a mil-standard 1913 accessory rail. For more information on the Ruger American Pistol Compact in .45 Auto or to learn more about the extensive line of award-winning Ruger firearms, visit www.Ruger.com.


Liberty Suppressors is proud to introduce their newest .30 caliber suppressor, the Sovereign. The Sovereign was designed for the precision rifle shooter, as well as for the hunting community. At just over 1.5 inches by 7.125 inches and only 12.7 ounces, this titanium silencer all but disappears on the end of a rifle. It comes with both 1/2-28 and 5/8-24 direct-thread adapters, as well as the 5/8-24 LS1 muzzle brake mount and a full complement of beyond-the-box accessories available for the upmost in versatility. They round out the package with a custom Armageddon Gear Suppressor Cover making the Sovereign one of the most adaptable and functional silencers on the market. Find out more about the Sovereign and the full line of Liberty Suppressors at www.libertycans.net.

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