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NDIA 2017 Awards

By Jim Schatz

2017 Chinn Award goes to E. Daniel Shea

On December 7th, 2016, just outside of Washington DC, members of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Armaments Division Small Arms Steering Committee voted unanimously to convey the prestigious honor of the 2017 LtCol George M. Chinn Award to SADJ’s very own Dan Shea for nearly four decades of professional accomplishments in the field of small arms. Most SADJ and SAR readers know Dan as the Technical Editor and Editor-in-Chief of those well respected periodicals. However, few know the full extent and variety of the contributions Dan Shea has made to the military and law enforcement community and the end user; advancing the state of small arms technology, initiating foreign ordnance technology discovery, providing unmatched threat weapons training to uniformed service members, technical analysts, combat developers and trainers and for many readers, the cataloging and preservation of valuable small arms historical and technical materials and collections from countless notable small arms experts and organizations.

The annual NDIA Chinn Award is named after US Marine Corps LtCol George M. Chinn and is awarded to those who have made significant contributions to the academic study and research or publishing related to military or infantry small arms. Since the award was first created in 1988, NDIA Chinn Award recipients include small arms industry stalwarts like Dr. Edward C. Ezell, L. James Sullivan, Ronnie Barrett, George E. Kontis, C. Reed Knight, Jr., Phil “Doc” Dater and Richard “Dick” Swan, to name a few.

Dan fits in very well indeed as one of 28 recipients for all that he has accomplished since he started his first machine gun business in the mid-1970s after ETS from the US Army. Dan is also unique in the history of the Chinn Award in that he personally knew most of the previous award recipients, as well as Colonel Chinn. Dan has in fact conducted and published interviews on many of these personalities for SAR/SADJ, or in the case of Dr. Ezell helped rescue his entire reference collection with the UK Defense Academy in Shrivenham England, digitized it...


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