New Review: May 1998

By Chris A. Choat


Just introduced is a new .50 caliber simulator for military reenactments, military vehicles or aircraft or just plain fun. The new simulator is actually a Browning .50 cal. M-2 look-alike. The non-firearm “gun” is a very good replica and “fires” belts of spent .50 B.M.G. casings. The spent casings (empty brass) are linked loaded, “fired”, ejected and the links disintegrate; all with the use of 50-65 lbs. of compressed air. The unit uses a 3lb. bolt which gives it a simulated recoil feel. An optional report, read that “muzzle blast” can also be added by means of propane and oxygen or a sound card in a personal computer. Every part of the simulator is hand made with no actual military or Browning parts. As such the unit has been approved by the BATF. Also on the drawing board are other models for different automatic weapons. For more information contact:

Alan C. Heinze,
Dept. SAR , 806 Bussey Court,
Streamwood, IL 60107.
Phone: 1-630-830-4128.


A new .50 caliber bolt action rifle is now available from JCM Fabrication & Machine, Inc.. The new rifle features a receiver made of 4340 aircraft quality steel with a corrosion resistant, matte black finish. Other features include a two-stage trigger designed specifically for .50 caliber guns, a very massive bolt with a lock time of 200 milliseconds and a one piece firing pin. A 30 inch target grade barrel with a “fish gill” muzzle brake gives the gun outstanding accuracy. The barrel is also quick-detachable. (Author’s note: I examined this gun at this years SHOT SHOW and the quick-detach barrel mechanism is one of the best I have seen.) The gun is fed from a 10-round box magazine, two of which are furnished with each 29.5 lb. gun. For more information contact:

JMC Fabrication & Machine, Inc.
Dept. SAR, Firearms Division
396B Gus Hipp Boulevard
Rockledge, FL 32955.
Phone: 1-407-636-1943
Fax: 1-407-632-1040. You can also contact them on the World Wide Web at www.safefuel.com/bfg.


Now you can convert your existing AK, AKM, AKS AND other variants into a truly compact AKU-94. If you’ve wanted an AK-BULLPUP but didn’t have the $1500 to $2000 dollars extra to spend for one, now you can own a comparable firearm for a fraction of that cost. The AKU-94 from KVAR, Inc., is an add-on stock conversion kit for the AK variants listed above. The unit reduces the weapon’s size to 10 inches shorter than original rifle configuration. It also reduces the weapon’s weight by a full pound. The unit features advanced ergonomic design and rugged high tech composition, both of which greatly improve balance and target acquisition. The stock is easily installed with basic tools, no gunsmithing is involved. The stock’s parts set does not alter the function or the action of the host firearm. If has been BATF approved to be assembled on any pre or POST-ban AK. All metal parts are made of high grade, machined steel and the furniture is made from rugged, injection molded high impact polymers, not flimsy plastic or fragile resin. KVAR claims that you can actually drive a truck over their stock without damaging it! The kit can be ordered in either green or black. I will be doing a full test and evaluation on one of the kits in a future issue of SAR. KVAR also carries a full line of AK as well as H&K parts. For more information contact;

KVAR, Inc.,
Dept. SAR, 815 South Central Ave
Suite 26
Glendale, CA 91204
Phone: 1-818-243-0151
Fax: 1-818-243-0664.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V1N8 (May 1998)
and was posted online on June 9, 2017


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