Precision Rifle & Optics Special

By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff


Exact precision when it counts the most. That’s the mission of the B&T APR. The APR is a professional sniper system for military and law enforcement professionals. It was specially designed as a sniper. The APR is available in .308 Win.and .338 LM and in different barrel lengths. B&T offers different accessories in order to customize the APR even further to the needs of the operator so the APR is a perfect choice under all types of conditions, from the scorching desert to the Arctic cold.

Species (Bolt action, semi-automatic, etc.): Bolt action
Manufacturer: B&T AG, Thu, Switzerland
Website : www.bt-ag.ch
Caliber(s): .308 Win. (7.62 x 51mm), .338 LM (8.6 x 70mm)
Overall Length Standard Model: .308: 1125mm | .338: 1236mm
Barrel Lengths Available: .308: 500mm (20in) and 610mm (24in) .338: 685mm (27in)
Weight, Standard Model, empty magazine, no optic or bipod: .308: 6.1kg (13.5lb) | .338: 7.9kg (17.4lb)
Feed System: 10-round detachable magazine
Effective Range Depending on cartridge used:
.308: > 800m, .338: > 1.200m on man-sized targets
Mfg. Accuracy Tests (MOA): < 1 MOA
MSRP: .308: > $7,700 | .338: > $8,600


Based on Steyr’s proven SSG 08 platform, which was designed in conjunction with the Austrian RKO Cobra anti-terror unit, the SSG 08 A1 incorporates a foreend-length barrel shroud, topped by a full-length Picatinny rail system. Rails are also located at the sides and bottom for various attachments. The A1 also features a heavy-duty bolt, a dust cover and a newly designed folding stock for fast length-of-pull adjustments. It is available in both .308 Win. and .338 Lapua Mag., and a heavy-duty bipod is included.

Species (Bolt action, semi-automatic, etc.): Bolt action
Manufacturer: Steyr Mannlicher
Website: www.steyrarms.com
Caliber(s): .308 Win., .338 Lapua mag
Overall Length Standard Model: 43.4in, 46.9in and 48.9in (.338)
Barrel Lengths Available: 20-, 23.5- and 25.5-in (.338)
Weight, Standard Model, empty magazine, no optic or bipod: 12.4lbs (.308)
Weight, Standard Model, full magazine, no optic or bipod: 12.9lbs (.308)
Feed System: Push-feed, detachable box magazine

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V21N7 (September 2017)
and was posted online on July 21, 2017


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