Letters to SAR: March 1998

By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

Dear SAR,

I have been enjoying your new publication, and wish it continued success. SAR is performing a great public service by bringing back the general format and several of the writers from the new defunct Machine Gun News. I would likely subscribe to your publication if I did not feel somewhat betrayed by MGN. You see I had just renewed my subscription to MGN when suddenly the publication folded, without any forewarning to it’s subscribers I’m afraid. I’m not bitter, just disappointed, and barring any assurances that SAR won’t suffer the same fate as MGN. I will have to save my hard earned pennies for things more tangible, like those AR-10 magazines which seem so elusive. In any event good luck and keep your powder dry.


Chris Minedew

P.S. I am also saddened by the passing of Liem from T&L Guns in Reno. He was the individual responsible for sparking my interest in Class III, and it was my privilege to know him.

Dear Chris,

We’re happy you are enjoying the magazine. We can assure you that we will be around for a good long time, and would like to say that we are not the folks who ran MGN. If you ever overcome your apprehension to subscribe, we will gladly welcome you aboard!

As for the untimely death of Liem, he will be missed by many. He was well liked.


Dear SAR,

I am an owner and shooter of various semi-auto military-type rifles, including AR15s, FN-FALs, pre-ban AK’s, M1As, M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, etc. I am currently a Class III dream-to-be, as I would love to own a few select-fire favorites, but do not have the money to do so, maybe in a few years...My question is this: obviously your publication will be geared towards Class III firearms and NFA items, but will you be able to provide coverage of semi-auto military-type rifles and firearms also (aka AR15s, semi-auto FALs, HK91/93s, pre-ban Aks, etc.)? I would love to read more articles about the firearms that I own, and it would be great if your publication also covers the semi-auto military firearms and surplus community, as well as the Class III world. Will you in fact be covering semi-auto military rifles and firearms in your new publication? I hope it will, looking forward to your answer. Thank you.

Howard Feng

Dear Howard,

It is our intention to cover ANY firearm that would be of interest to our readers, and we firmly believe that military style semi auto firearms fit in that category. It is important to remember that most shooters who curl their lip at the mention of a semi, had their interests seriously peaked by them in the begining.


Dear SAR,

I think that a lot of folks who got into the hobby recently would appreciate some articles on Thompsons. The articles on them in MGN were a bit ago, before I subscribed, and lots of folks have these guns.


This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V1N6 (March 1998)
and was posted online on August 4, 2017


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