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By Chris A. Choat

Rade Technology Corp. Introduces Electronic Training Solutions

Rade Tecnologías SL of Madrid, Spain, has announced the opening of a subsidiary facility in the U.S. to launch its first entry into the handgun accessory market with two unique SpeedShot ammunition counting training systems designed to improve human reflexive speed-to-magazine replacement. The newly created U.S. company, called Rade Technology Corp. will launch the SpeedShot training grip system. Drawing on its vast experience in cutting-edge electronics technology for the medical industries, Rade Technology Corp. was established in 2010 to serve professional and amateur firearm users who want to improve shooting speed and accuracy in competitive speed shooting sports, as well as personal protection, home defense, and law enforcement. There are two SpeedShot electronic training systems for pistols and long guns, both using a sensor in the dedicated magazine and then a choice of numerical digital or LED light display on the firearm depending on the training system chosen by the student and instructor. SpeedShot patent-pending ergonomic electronic grips replace existing pistol grips during training in order to show the number of rounds remaining in the weapon's magazine. It does not sense the presence of a round in the chamber. Radetec is currently rolling out pistol grips for virtually all popular pistols in the most popular caliber ammunition. Currently, Radetec systems are available for Beretta, Glock, Smith & Wesson M & P, and M1911 platform pistols. Displays come in two models that indicate rounds left in the magazine: an LED colored light system and a digital display system. In the LED light version, the light changes from unlit for four or more rounds, to blue for three rounds, to green for two rounds, to red for one round, and flashing red to indicate an empty magazine. The digital numeric read-out indicates the actual number of rounds left in the magazine. The total number of rounds fired by the pistol since the installation of the grips can also be accessed in this configuration. The SpeedShot counting system is powered by a five-year lithium battery. SpeedShot for pistols comes with a specially designed set of ergonomic grips with embedded electronics for each make and model of firearm, one magazine, and a user's manual. It has a suggested retail price of $160 for both the digital model and for the LED light display version. For more information please contact them at Rade Technology Corp., Dept. SAW, 1510 Valley Center Parkway No. 160, Bethlehem, PA 18017. Phone: (888) 930-3212. Website: www.radetech.com.

New Crimson Trace Lasergrips For Glock Gen 4 Handguns

Crimson Trace, market leader for integrated laser sighting systems, has announced the release of new Lasergrips models for the Gen 4 Glock full-size, compact and subcompact 9mm and .40 caliber pistols. With an MSRP of $279, these Lasergrips feature the smallest laser diode ever offered, with full windage and elevation adjustability and a master on/off switch. The new units fit seamlessly over the Glock's backstrap and require no gunsmithing to install. Because the laser utilizes Crimson Trace's patented instinctive activation system, the user simply picks up the gun in a normal firing grip and the pressure sensor in the grip module instantly activates the laser to project a bright dot on the target. The new Glock Gen 4 Lasergrips are zeroed at the factory; offer a four hour battery life as well as the most powerful laser permitted by law. The low profile Lasergrip is fully compatible with the recently launched Lightguard tactical light, turning any Glock into the ultimate in low light defensive handguns. Contact Crimson Trace Corporation, Dept. SAW, 9780 SW Freeman Drive, Wilsonville, OR 97070. Phone: (800) 442-2406. Fax: (503) 783-5334. Website: www.crimsontrace.com.

Comp-Tac Announces Digital Camo Kydex

Comp-Tac Victory Gear is proud to announce the newest addition to their product line: Digital Camo Kydex. This new Kydex has the pigment of the camouflage pattern injected directly into the Kydex itself rather than being screen printed on the surface. This injection process ensures the highest quality image and a permanent pattern that will not rub or scratch off. This new Kydex is a Comp-Tac exclusive item and can only be purchased at www.Comp-Tac.com. The injected image of the digital camouflage is impervious to solvents and oils. The pattern will not deteriorate if exposed to the elements or most common household chemicals. When Comp-Tac's founder Gregg Garrett heard about the permanency of the Kydex's injection-printed image, he tested it out by spraying the holster down with brake cleaner. His response: "Well, that's not working. If anything it's just making the Kydex cleaner." Comp-Tac representatives also tested this out with coffee, bleach, and isopropyl rubbing alcohol to find the same results. Faded into the digital camouflage is "Comp-Tac.com" written throughout the pattern. This print is usually not visible outside of a two foot range. This new Kydex option will be available for a wide range of products including their belt holster and paddle holster. Magazine pouches, flashlight holders, and other accessories will also be available in this pattern. You can contact them at Comp-Tac Victory Gear, Dept. SAW, P.O. Box 1809, Spring, TX 77383. Phone: (281) 209-3040. Fax: (281) 209-3050. Website: www.comp-tac.com.

Zeiss 4-16x56 FFLT Riflescope Now With New Features

The ZF 4-16x56 has long been considered one of the best telescopic sights among snipers and marksmen. In close cooperation with international militaries, the developers of Carl Zeiss Optronics have now made it even better. "On a mission, decisions often have to be made in a fraction of a second," says Hans Ziegner, Head of the Security business unit. Snipers must be able to rely on their telescopic sights to fulfill their mission. The ZF 4-16x56 FFLT is now available with locking turrets – the elevation and azimuth turrets can only be adjusted after lifting the turret caps. This prevents users from unintentionally changing the configured ballistic correction of elevation. The zero stop is based on the operational experiences of military and security forces. On a tactical mission and at night, in particular, it is vital for the elevation turret to mechanically stop at zero. If the turret is set incorrectly, snipers can no longer hit their targets. The reticle on the ZF 4-16x56 FFLT is located in the first focal plane, a mission-tested configuration. This simplifies range estimation. For more information please contact Carl Zeiss Optronics GmbH, Dept. SAW, 73446 Oberkochen, Germany. Phone: +49 (0) 7364/ 20-4858. Website: www.zeiss.de/optronics.

Volquartsen Custom Offers Spring Loaded Ruger Magazine Ejector

Volquartsen Custom’s new Spring Loaded Magazine Ejector for the Ruger 22/45 will improve the "mag drop" of the factory magazine. Its unique design uses spring pressure to forcefully remove the magazine from the grip frame. The innovative design not only aids in magazine removal but also adds an extension to the bottom of the magazine to make magazine reloads quick and reliable every time. The ejector is CNC machined from an aluminum alloy and black hard anodized. The new ejector also features a CNC machined stainless steel button for increased durability. To install is simply remove the magazine floor plate from a factory 22/45 magazine and replace with this ejector for an enhanced shooting experience. Volquartsen Custom offers a complete line of rimfire rifles, pistols and accessories. For more information you can contact them at Volquartsen Custom, Dept. SAW, P.O. Box 397, 24276 240th Street, Carroll, IA 51401. Phone: (712) 792-4238. Fax: (712) 792-2542. Their website is www.volquartsen.com.

Brownells And Glockworx Team Up With New Glock Slides

Through an exclusive partnership with Glockworx, Brownells is now offering a selection of slides pre-cut for popular optics to fit the Glock 17, in-stock and ready-to-ship. Made for the Glock 17, the top rear of each Optic Cut Slide features a large precision-relieved slot allowing close-to-the-bore mounting of optics to minimize sight offset problems on short range targets. Also, the slide top near the front sight is ported to reduce overall slide weight, reduce recoil impulse and improve control of the pistol. The design teams at Glockworx and Brownells have worked together to develop four Glock slides to fit the Model 17 with pre-cut slots at the precise depth, width and angle to fit the most popular optics on the market. The custom work has been done already, just swap your Glock 17 factory slide for a Glockworx slide, install your optics or iron sights, and you’re ready to shoot. The Optic Cut Slides accommodate Dr. Optic, Burris FastFire, JPoint, and RMR Optics. The cut on each slide model varies to fit the specialized base shape and mounting-screw pattern of those optics. There’s also an iron-sight-ready model. Because the optics sit down into the Glockworx cuts, they present a reduced profile and have very little offset between the sight and barrel – a critical advantage for those really close shots. Six ports cut into the top of the slides reduce slide weight for faster target transitions and reduced recoil impulse. Each replacement Glockworx slide is CNC-machined from aircraft-grade heat-treated stainless steel for long life. The sight cuts, ports, lowered ejection port, firing pin hole, breech face, and front and rear cocking serrations are precision-machined to ensure a precise fit and flawless function. The surfaces are finished with Zev Technology’s black DLC coating to resist corrosion and damage. You can contact Brownell’s Inc., Dept. SAW, 200 South Front Street, Montezuma, Iowa 50171. Phone: (800) 741-0015. Fax: (800) 264-3068. Website: www.brownells.com.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review SAW (April 2012)
and was posted online on February 3, 2012


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