Frankengun Challenge

By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

What is a “Frankengun”?

A “Frankengun” is just what it sounds like—a cross between Frankenstein’s Monster and a gun, in this case a machine gun. The phrase goes back to the early Internet days when legal machine gun owners would cross-pollinate weapon designs using parts, and sometimes movie voodoo type add-ons, to create something that fit their idea of a fun gun. Frankengun contests are held occasionally, and we at SAR like to encourage our readers to participate, making sure it’s legal as they do so. Much like our fabled “MacWaffle” contest (SAR Vol. 2, No. 4), where readers had to make a working waffle iron out of MAC flats, this is about having some fun.

We received several entries but chose the top 4 presented here. The winner of the Frankengun Challenge will be judged by the readers and receive a 3-year subscription to both SAR and SADJ. An RKI Certificate will be provided for those who put in an entry, which will be suitable for framing.

CONTESTANT 2: Richard Durham
M-11 A1 SWD COBRAY 380

The M-11 A1 SWD COBRAY 380 was converted to a 9mm by changing the barrel, reface bolt, weight and heavier spring. I used a Russian surplus 30-caliber MG barrel, chambered to a 30 Luger. It was cut down just like MAC barrels into the receiver, headspaced with an M1A bipod attachment. A slab of steel was used as a weight and as a charging handle—this added 5-ounce weight replaced the cocking knob. The long barrel upper in 30 Luger was cut from a Russian 7.62x54R machine gun barrel. The chamber end was cut off and machined to fit the upper. An M-14 bi-pod was fitted and a red dot scope added. The folding stock came from an VZ58 Rifle; the front sight, trigger guard and sight guard are all Uzi style. This weapon came new with a 9mm mag and grip. It didn’t work well for a 380 Machine Gun. Most of the time it would never feed correctly and jammed constantly, so that is why I...

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V21N8 (October 2017)
and was posted online on August 18, 2017


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