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By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

Lewis & Black, LLC
IMI Galil Micro Parts Kits

Lewis & Black successfully secured an entire tender of surplus select fire IMI manufactured Galil Micro Assault Rifles (MAR) straight from an active Israeli unit that were auctioned off in Jerusalem last fall. With the requisite Israeli export and US State Department, ATF and CBD import permits in hand, we brought them into our secured in-house Foreign Trade Zone for disassembly and destruction of the receivers and barrels pursuant to our approved ATF cut schematics. The resulting original IMI parts kits are now available for your own unique MAR build. This may be the last remaining opportunity to own an original IMI Galil MAR parts kit as we’ve been informed there do not appear to be any remaining surplus MARs in Israel. lewisandblack.com

IMA Inc.
Original U.S. WW II Thompson M1928A1 SMG Complete Parts Set—Super Select Condition

This is it, the legendary WW II Thompson sub-machine gun! Simply put, this is not only the best M1928A1 set we offer, but it is the easily the best on the market today. Complete lower frame assembly, finned barrel with compensator and horizontal fore grip and grip mount which has been carefully removed from the demilled receiver, internal components: M-1928 bolt assembly, smooth actuator, lock, op. spring, guide, buffer and breech oiler, ejector, frame latch and spring together with adjustable Lyman rear sight, with detachable butt stock assembly. Includes all components of an M1928A1 except for the demilitarized receiver, available separately. ima-usa.com

Apex Gun Parts
Galil ARM Parts & Parts Kits

Apex Gun Parts is proud to offer a wide selection of Israeli Galil parts! For a limited time we are carrying Galil ARM parts kits chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO. These kits were sourced from Israel and will be in very good condition. These Galils share many similarities with the AK family, and we offer everything from magazines and kits, down to the individual replacement part. Please note that Apex Gun Parts does not sell any functional firearms. www.apexgunparts.com

IMA Inc.
Original British WW II Bren .303cal MkI MkII Parts Set with Demilled Receiver

Original Item: Still retaining the original choice live barrel, IMA is pleased to offer a small selection of now really hard-to-find British WW II Bren Gun Parts Sets complete with torch cut receivers imported over 10 years ago. Includes the following:

Demilled Mk 1 receiver with Mark 1 drum back sight assembly.
Mark 2 barrel assembly with regulator.
Mark 2 bipod, non-adjustable. Styles vary.
Late Mark 1/early Mk 2 butt /lower assembly with bent steel butt plate.
All relevant internal parts as photographed.
Each set comes with a standard Bren Box Magazine where permitted.

Now that live barrels are no longer importable, and with the introduction of an BATF approved semi-automatic Bren system, this may very well be your last opportunity to get a hold of one of these excellent WW II parts sets. Receiver and parts manufacturers vary; most are marked Enfield or Inglis. ima-usa.com

The DoubleStar “Oops” Kit

When working on your AR-15, sometimes parts break or fly away into the abyss never to be seen again. For these times, DoubleStar has created the “Oops” Kit. Complete with the most commonly lost and broken small springs and detents, the “Oops” Kit will save your AR when things go south.

Kit contains:
4 Takedown detent springs
4 Takedown detents
2 Buffer detents
2 Buffer detent springs
2 Firing pin retaining pins
2 Extractor springs with bumper pads
2 Selector springs/ ejector springs
2 Selector detents

Find the “Oops” Kit at star15.com/oops-replacement-kit

Apex Gun Parts
1919a4 Parts & Accessories

Apex Gun Parts offers a massive selection of Browning 1919 belt-fed machine gun parts and accessories. Whether you are building or maintaining your 1919, our website features hundreds of products like fire control groups, barrels, grips and even rivets. These parts include a variety of original manufacturers, so you’ll be sure to find what you are looking for. Please note that Apex Gun Parts does not sell any functional firearms. www.apexgunparts.com

The Ace by DoubleStar C39 and C39 V2 Receiver Block

Ace by DoubleStar is proud to announce the addition of the C39 and C39 V2 Receiver Blocks to their extensive lineup of stock kits. These receiver blocks work with the rock-solid Ace folding stock and modular kits. Just choose the stock and folder you want to complete the kit. Made from 7075 Aluminum and hard-coat anodized, the C39 and C39 V2 stock sets are sure to make your rifle the perfect fit. Find the C39 Block at star15.com/c39-receiver-block-c39rb. Find the C39 V2 Block at star15.com/c39-v2-receiver-block-c39v2rb.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V22N1 (January 2018)
and was posted online on November 17, 2017


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