A*B Arms MOD X: The True ‘Drop-In’ Chassis

By Todd Burgreen

We are in the golden age when it comes to after-market gear available to enhance firearms. American Built Arms Company’s (A*B Arms) MOD X rifle chassis is an excellent case in point. The A*B Arms MOD X is a true drop-in chassis for Remington 700 Short-Action RH rifles; other MOD X variants are sure to follow considering the reception received for the Remington 700 MOD X. The decision to commence MOD X production with the Remington 700 Short Action cannot be questioned considering the propensity and following the Remington 700 rightfully enjoys.

The Remington 700 was first introduced in 1962. By 2007 nearly 4 million had been sold with 70 different factory variants offered and a myriad of special editions. The Model 700 was based on the Remington Model 40X. The 40X was a competition bolt action design. This lineage surely contributed to the Remington 700’s reputation for inherent accuracy. While the emphasis for the Remington 700 was economical production compared to its predecessors, its performance was not compromised. The action of this rifle is machined from a single piece of bar stock. As a part of the Remington 700’s design, the rifle has the infamous three rings of steel, meaning that the cartridge head while chambered is fully supported by three separate components. Over the years Remington has made much of this in its marketing efforts. The first component in the three rings of steel is the bolt face, which completely encapsulates the cartridge head. The second is the action end of the barrel, which the bolt face tucks into. This feature is especially important as it ensures that the bolt and the barrel are aligned correctly. The third ring of steel is the action itself, which the barrel threads into. All put together this makes for a very solid design, one that has withstood the test of time for 50 plus years.

As with all weapon systems time has caused a re-evaluation and search for performance enhancements with the Remington 700. While starting off as a sporting/hunting weapon, the Remington 700...

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V22N1 (January 2018)
and was posted online on November 17, 2017


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