The HK Universal Machine Pistol

Photography and Story by Will Dabbs, MD

The Polymer Firearm Revolution Births a Truly Radical Submachinegun

The man leaned back comfortably against a low wall, enjoying a respite from the piercing Montenegro sun. He had chosen the spot carefully, ensuring that he could not be seen from the expansive crushed stone drive. He had hidden his Aston Martin in an olive grove behind the palatial home where the car, too, was out of sight. He cradled the suppressed German submachinegun in his lap and let his thoughts drift.

The one woman he had ever truly loved died in his arms mere hours earlier. He had retrieved the submachinegun from the corpse of one of the operatives who had killed her. He let his mind play on that for a moment. There was none of the expected ache or yearning. He had walled that part off, sealed it away. What took its place now was cold and dark.

He needed the gun to shoot straight. He had paused his Aston on the drive up long enough to ventilate an unfortunate rubbish bin. He could cover the three 9mm holes with a golf ball, but they were indeed an inch up and right from his point of aim. This was not unusual in his experience with muzzle-mounted sound suppressors.

He could feel the tires crunching the gravel before he heard the car’s exquisite engine. The man likely drove German, a 7-series BMW or perhaps a Maybach Mercedes. He waited until the target left the car and began walking up his sidewalk. He then stood up, centered the gun’s sights and shot the man in the thigh with a single 9mm ball round. At this range the heavy subsonic bullet sounded like a hammer hitting meat.

His target dropped unceremoniously to the ground with a groan. Before the wounded man could retrieve his own sidearm he had his shoe over his forearm, pressing it into the gravel somewhat harder than was necessary.

He cocked his head ever so slightly to meet the agonized man’s gaze and stated flatly, “The name’s Bond, James Bond” before cracking the...

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V22N2 (February 2018)
and was posted online on December 22, 2017


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