Letters to SAR: V1N1

By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff


I would like to see conversion articles. Magazine conversions, drum conversions, tube conversions, feeder conversions, upper/lower combinations with specifics, like some measurements, not just black and white pictures from 5 feet away.

Detailed gun comparisons, like Sten Mk II and MK V differences, in detail.

Maybe you could have some Beretta 38 series comparisons, in detail, with measurements.

Hell, get technical for a change. How about some bona fide ballistics, or energy comparisons, or descriptions of various gun actions and their operation/cycle, with time line and chamber pressure profiles, man, like in detail? How about “How to build a Sten using your registered tube”.


Book Reviews

Articles and Ad’s that describe high quality books would be most appreciated. Jane’s Infantry Arms is a great book but I also want something that covers the older classics in some detail. Technical aspects, functioning (and keeping them running), collectable issues with rare models and the gun in general, and where it is/was used (who/when/where/how).

Even original factory owners manuals interest me.


How about some pictures

Just a suggestion for your new magazine. (Like I’m sure no one has had any so far, right?) When I still had my old ’66 Mustang, my favorite rag was Mustang Monthly, and they always used to have a page at the front of each issue where readers sent in pictures of their cars, and they published the best ones.

How about something like that in the new magazine? Pictures of the nicest guns, or of the coolest action shots solicited from readers? A lot of machine gunners I know are sort of amateur photographers and I’m sure you’d get some neat stuff.


Estonian Subguns?

Now that Estonia is free of Soviet domination, there’s an opportunity to nose into the early days of firearms development there. The Estonians had a submachine design that was a contemporary of the German MP18 that used a magazine with dimensions very similar to that of the first tool room samples of the FN/Browning GP [Hi-Power] pistol, M1e 1935. Did an obscure submachine-gun play a role in the genesis of one of the finest military handguns to reach worldwide distribution and use? Maybe *SAR* can answer that question.

Let’s see some H & K’s

I’d like to see A feature about the different types of H & K Weapons, the way the parts interchange, how to install sears, change this-n-that etc. etc.

A feature on cleaning and maintaining different weapons, starting with the M16 and MP5K-PDW.
I’m sure folks can think of more....


This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V1N1 (October 1997)
and was posted online on February 2, 2018


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