Association News: V1N1

By James J. Fotis, Executive Director

Law Enforcement Alliance of America: A Simple Formula To Help Make Our Streets Safe

There is a simple formula for making our streets safe — eliminate crime and fear of crime by eliminating criminals from our streets. It is a radical concept, but its just that simple. This has been the mantra of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America (LEAA) since the day we opened our doors.

Unfortunately, in the early 1960’s liberal politicians and criminal apologists began successfully convincing the national media — and through them, the American public - that it is anytthing but the criminals fault.

LEAA came into being when a handful of cops decided enough was enough. Our nation was being overrun by the worst kind of criminals. Worse, anti-gun politicians and the media began to drive a wedge between law enforcement and honest gun owners.

Guns became the favorite whipping post of excuse makers like HCI’s Sarah Brady.

Guns, to HCI, Mrs. Brady, and crew, are the “cause of crime” and criminals are helpless pawns. They say “so and so was killed by a gun,” not ever mentioning the homicidal criminal who actually pulled the trigger.

LEAA blames crime on criminals and those in society who let criminals get away unpunished for their criminal behavior. And, we back up our words with action. In the press, in front of public forums, and by means of legislative advocacy, LEAA is carrying a message of individual rights, responsibilities, and the need to punish wrong-doers for their actions.

LEAA doesn’t blame guns for anything, we blame the criminal behind the gun. In fact, LEAA credits responsible gun ownership for the ability to exercise the very freedoms upon which this nation was founded. In fact, it is LEAA’s belief that freedom is intrinsically entwined with our ability and right as responsible citizens to own and use firearms.

That is why LEAA has been one of the leading advocates for citizen “Right-to-Carry” since our inception some six years ago. LEAA has testified countless times in favor of citizen “Right-to-Carry” statutes and played a critical role in their passage. “Right-to-Carry” puts the one thing criminals fear — armed and trained citizens — into our communities to mix with their intended victims.

We also adamantly opposed liberal, anti-2nd Amenndment issues that have had no effect on crime: the “Brady Law,” the semi-auto and magazine bans, the “Lautenberg Act” and the proposed ban on
“Cop Killer Bullets” that a recently completed study, agreed didn’t exist). Instead, LEAA —like most street cops — wants to ban “Cop Killer Criminals.”

That commitment to fight crime and return our streets and our Constitutional rights to law-abiding citizens is the pledge LEAA makes to every responsible citizen, law enforcement officer, and crime victim of this nation.

Please call 1-800-766-8578 for more information on LEAA or to join in the fight to preserve our constitutionally guaranteed rights. Lets start making criminals fear the law once again.

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V1N1 (October 1997)
and was posted online on February 16, 2018


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