The Sound of Silence: Bowers Group LLC Vers Series of Sound Suppressors

By Frank Iannamico

If you are familiar with the popular website Subguns.com, you will probably recognize the name Tom Bowers, the former owner of that site. The Subguns.com website was recently taken over by Frank Goepfert, a well-known Class III dealer. Since the change in ownership, the Subguns.com site name has recently been changed to Machineguncentral.com.

Tom Bowers’ company, Bowers Group LLC, has been in the sound suppressor business for a number of years. It started as a sole proprietorship with the goal of producing a quality suppressor at a fair price and providing great customer service. Establishing the business in the 1990s, Bowers is one of the oldest U.S. suppressor manufacturers still in business. While Bowers Group LLC may not have the advertising budget of some of the larger corporations, their products and service are second to none. Some important considerations to contemplate when purchasing a suppressor include customer service, will the company be around to offer it in the future and will they support their older suppressors that are no longer in production?

A popular product line offered by Bowers is the Vers series of submachine gun and carbine suppressors. Vers being short for versatility. The Vers line includes the Vers 9 and Vers 9S for 9mm and .300 Blackout, the Vers 45 for .45 and smaller calibers, the Vers 30 and 30T for .30 caliber rifles, the Vers 458 for .460 caliber applications and last, but not least, the Vers 50 suppressor for calibers .510 or smaller up to a velocity of 2,200 feet per second.

The Vers 9

Size matters. One of the most popular Bowers suppressors is the Vers 9. As the name implies, the Vers 9 is for 9mm applications. However, there are several variants of the suppressor available for different applications. In addition to the Vers 9, there is the Vers 9S and the new Vers 375. The Vers 9 and Vers 9S have often been criticized for their size. The suppressors are large, high-volume cans specifically designed for use on submachine guns and carbines, not pistols....

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V22N4 (April 2018)
and was posted online on February 23, 2018


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