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By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

Hunter American Stock—Ruger American® Short Action

Magpul is releasing the Hunter American stock made from reinforced polymer and an anodized aluminum bedding block with steel recoil lugs. The Magpul Hunter American stock offers users a cost-effective replacement featuring a fully adjustable length of pull, comb height and enhanced ergonomics. Compatible with Ruger American Short Action rifles, this stock requires no bedding and is a true “drop-in” solution for the end user.


*NOTE: PMAG 5 7.62 AC magazine is for the .308 Winchester and similar-sized cartridges. Rifles that use smaller or larger cartridge cases will require the customer to separately purchase an AICS pattern compatible magazine of their choice. magpul.com

5.56 Suppressed Bolt Carrier

The GEMTECH Suppressed Bolt Carrier is a drop-in replacement and will allow the shooter to choose between suppressed (S) and unsuppressed (U) settings without any permanent modifications to the firearm. No longer will you need to change gas blocks, buffers or any other components. Not only that, but with the GEMTECH Suppressed Bolt Carrier, there is a reduction in carrier speed and less felt recoil, bringing the cyclic rate of the suppressed rifle down to unsuppressed levels. gemtech.com

Model 257 Professional Grade Heavy Duty Truck Bed Security Drawers

Tuffy Security Products offers four Model 257 professional grade Heavy Duty Truck Bed Security Drawers perfect for securing valuable tactical gear. Tuffy’s Model 257 Heavy Duty Truck Bed Security Drawers have easy-to-install, heavy duty steel mounting hardware to attach to the pickup’s bed floor, and the drawer assembly can be removed by loosening the mounting hardware.

These security drawers feature superior engineering and are...

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V22N5 (May 2018)
and was posted online on March 23, 2018


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