Project Mini Scout Rifle

By J.M. Ramos

A Small Arms Review Custom Take-Down Challenger

In the past few years, the resurgence of interest in takedown style 10/22 rifles was at its peak since Ruger introduced their long-awaited version in March 28, 2012. It was not Ruger who first came up with the idea of converting their best-selling .22 carbine to a takedown style gun; it was Ram-Line who first mass-produced in limited quantity a takedown kit back in the 1980s, about the same time their classic aerospace polymer folding stock hit the market. The big difference between the vintage Ram-Line kit and the Ruger version is in the overall set-up. The Ram-Line takedown kit consisted of their folding stock and 16-inch Ultralight polymer-lined steel-lined barrel (the very first of its kind that became an inspiration to many ultra-light, steel-lined bull barrels we see in the market today). Completing this set-up was a replacement oversized polymer barrel “V” block with thumb-operated retaining screws and a large knurled thumb-operated takedown screw that would allow a no-tool assembly and disassembly of the action from the stock. When fully assembled, the complete gun is very light and can be fired quite easily like a pistol with one hand, with a 50-round double stack magazine, another Ram-Line innovation. Complementing the Ram-Line takedown kit was a light gym style bag with multiple internal pockets to accommodate the action, barrel, the V block unit and spare magazines. This vintage takedown kit was created by Ram-Line basically to compete with the then very popular Charter Arm’s AR-7 Explorer survival carbine utilizing the same basic multi-sub component assembly and disassembly procedure but with a different approach on the in-storage system.

Ruger, on the other hand, took the procedure one step further and truly revolutionized it by developing a quick detach barrel system mated to the separate forearm allowing a two-piece sub group for a more compact storage during transport. While the factory takedown model accomplished its main purpose in normal scenarios where the user has time to take it out from its case or storage and was able to snap the two halves...

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V22N5 (May 2018)
and was posted online on March 23, 2018


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