New Review: V22N7

By The Small Arms Review Editorial Staff

SureShell® Hook & Loop Carriers

Hook & Loop SureShell carriers combine our SureShell Polymer carrier yoke with 3M SJ3572 hook fastener material laminated to a 3/?32” Formex 94 substrate. This allows Hook & Loop SureShell carriers to be easily attached to and removed from surfaces, such as shotgun receivers and MOLLE vests, covered with mating loop material. The Hook & Loop SureShell carriers are sold with an adhesive-backed 3M SJ3571 loop fastener that can be glued directly to a shotgun receiver. For Three Gun competitors who do not want to permanently affix the loop fastener material to their shotguns, we also offer loop fastener bracket kits that are attached mechanically and can be easily removed at any time. Please note: these Hook & Loop Mount kits do not include the Hook & Loop SureShell carriers, which are sold separately. mesatactical.com

SW22 Victory Target Model Pistol

Chambered in .22 LR, the new SW22 Victory Target Model pistol incorporates features designed for competitive target shooting, including target sights, custom target thumb rest grip and polished feed ramp. smith-wesson.com

The new SW22 Victory Target Model pistol features include:



OD Green Additions to the Vickers Tactical Lineup

We’re pleased to announce OD Green accessories being added to the Vickers Tactical™ Glock™ accessory line. Take advantage of your favorite VT™ Glock™ accessory in OD Green or the other colors already available. See below listing of parts available in OD Green:

All information can be found under the “Items for Glock™” tab. TangoDown.com

ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster and...

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and was posted online on June 22, 2018


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