NDIA Small Arms Group Awards 2018

By Dan Shea

Richard D. Jones, The Lt. Col. George M. Chinn Award

The Chinn Award is perhaps the most prominent award ever presented in the small arms community. It is an honor the Small Arms Steering Committee weighs carefully. We are US-centric, of course, but on occasion a citizen of another country who is deemed to have contributed so much to our collective knowledge base and defense qualifies. Richard D. Jones is just such an Awardee.

Mr. Richard D. Jones:


While not a requirement of the award, it certainly gives a window into a candidate’s life if he or she has been in active military service and continued after to serve the end users in some capacity regarding small arms. Richard Jones’ long and distinguished career in the British Army began in 1961, and he ETS’d in 2007 with 45 years and 14 days in service. He served in “The Indonesia Confrontation” in Singapore and Sarawak; Intelligence cells in Germany and Malaya working with small arms; and during The Troubles in Northern Ireland, Jones performed numerous services not to be discussed, as well as adapted new technologies and oversaw weapon and ballistic tracing in Northern Ireland. That was an 8-year post, and he met “Herself” there, his beloved wife Eleanor. Jones’ work on the “Improvised Weapons of the Irish Underground” is still the classic study. During the 1980s, Jones’ posting into Bulgaria led to him becoming an expert on many variations of the AK/PKM systems. In the early 1990s, Jones was tasked with forming a group of de-briefers to gather political, economic and military information of use from refugees in the Balkan region of fighting for Her Britannic Majesty’s government. This led to massive amounts of small arms intelligence shared with the US and NATO groups. Starting in 1994, Jones was the military liaison when he became Assistant Custodian of the MOD Pattern room (this was the period where this author had...

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V22N7 (August 2018)
and was posted online on June 22, 2018


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